Hello and welcome to Battle Priestess 2.0! Make yourself at home.

I’m Moxie and I’ve been playing MMOs since 2004. I enjoy trying new ones all the time. They can be large, small, AAA, independent, theme-park, sandbox, F2P, subscription-based – I’ll try just about any MMO once, or twice, or three times if I’m feeling froggy. You can expect that the games and subject matter that I talk about here will vary, depending on what games I’m playing at the time. Currently I’m playing World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars 2, and Wurm Online – but don’t be surprised if that changes.

I’m a fairly casual player, mostly preferring to quest, explore, craft, and run small-group content. I’m a big fan of games with a well-developed world and enjoy lots of lore, story, and player choices in the games that I play. I also love sandbox MMOs, with all of their options and choices. It really comes down to enjoying immersion in a game, whether that be driven by a really great story or by extreme survivalism.

I blogged about MMOs for several years at the now-defunct BattlePriestess.com and at The Wild Boar Inn. This blog is a resurrection of sorts of the original Battle Priestess blog, although I’m no longer just a priest. When I’m not gaming or blogging, I’m typically watching movies with my husband, hoop dancing, playing with our 4 cats, or working on one of far too many crafty projects.

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