Wurming Again – Sklotopolis Version

Life has been crazy lately. Between selling our old house, building a new one, and living in a hotel the past four months, distractions have been hard to come by. The hotel has terrible internet that cuts in and out if I try to play a regular MMO, so I thought I’d give the lower-resource-intensive Wurm a try again. However I really didn’t want to pay for premium on Xanadu, and I just wasn’t feeling it there. So I thought I’d head back to a Wurm Unlimited server that I played on a while back – Sklotopolis.

Sklotopolis is probably the best WU private server that I’ve seen. Its the perfect size (medium size like Independence), the action and skill timers have been sped up but not so much to be trivial, and starter deeds are free with no upkeep. The catch is that you have to log in every 90 days or else it will be disbanded (to keep the server clean for newer players). You can also expand the deed with in-game currency, which you can get by building highways, guard towers, selling goods, or just playing the game.

Another thing that I really like is that the server is run by long-time Wurm veterans that understand how the game works and how to modify the experience so that its more fun but doesn’t lose that classic Wurm feeling. Lots of vets play on sklotopolis these days, and the community has been excellent so far.

When I first logged in I was on my old deed, which had long been disbanded and had been deeded over. I fully expected that, so I took what I had on my person and set out to find new lands. Of course, a hell hound ensured that I didn’t get very far. I had the choice of respawning at the original spawn point (New Town) in the NW or the new spawn point (Haven) in the NE. I picked Haven and before you could say I love Wurm! I was in Haven.

They’ve changed things a bit since I last played. New players can get a free horse to help them get around, and that horse along with their tent provides newbies with a nice portable survival kit. Haven is a beautiful sea-side starter town with everything you need including a nice little market. I went exploring, getting to know the lay of the land, talking to folks, and looking for a new spot nearby to claim as my own. I found it, by the way, and tomorrow I’ll show you that very place!

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