Race To The Finish

Even though Legion is still 2.5 months away, I’m starting to feel a bit like we’re in a race to the finish of WoD. The availability of character boosting, along with the changes to professions in Legion, has me re-thinking my entire roster of alts, making some last-minute changes, and trying to finish up a few reps and grinds before the Legion pre-patch (which I BET that we’ll see around the first of August, calling it now!).

So, I present to you, my to-do list, sorted by character.

Bhaelie – Paladin:
She’s pretty much done and ready to roll. Her professions are maxed out and I’m not going to bother gearing her more. Right now she’s running old raids for transmog gear and gold.

Betsie – Priest:
With reports of shadow priests being back to their old selves come Legion, Betsie has gone from a long-time-main-turned-backburner-alt to a possible main or main alt, so I have a little work to do on her. Her gear isn’t the best, but rather than focus on something that will be replaced during the first hour of quests, I’m focusing on professions. She’s an Alchemist, but had zero Archaeology, so I’m grinding that up so that maaaaaybe she can make Vial of the Sands some day. I’m also leving Herbalism at the same time, grabbing whatever herbs I can while surveying sites. After that – the Insane and Netherwing rep grinds! 🙂
– Archaelogy
– Herbalism
– Insane Rep Grind
– Netherwing Rep Grind

Chixlet – Mage:
She’s good to go. Again, not really geared but her main function is bag-making at the moment.

Staesia – Druid:
One-half of my designated farming team, her Herbalism is good but I need to finish her Inscription out. I think she’s at 611/700. Shouldn’t be too bad to finish. I’m not a huge fan of Inscription anyway.
– Inscription

Teaghen – Hunter: 
The other half of the farm team needs to finish leveling her Mining and Skinning. She had Leatherworking, but for a farm alt I’d rather see her have two gathering professions.
– Mining
– Skinning

Qhaelia – Rogue:
She’s a newly boosted character that I boosted explicitly for the purpose of lockboxes for the Insane rep. Her professions are going to be Skinning and Leatherworking, but I’ll only really work on those IF I get time after all the other characters are done.
– Skinning
– Leatherworking

Haijinx – Warlock:
She runs Thunderbrew Distillery, my bank guild, and right now I’m working on leveling Enchanting (for DEing) and Blacksmithing on her.
– Enchanting
– Blacksmithing

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