Legion Prep

These days my main goal in Warcraft is hoarding gold or items that I think will sell for gold in Legion. Here’s the thing: my server, Dalaran, is a fantastic server. I love my guild and the folks on the server and the atmosphere. But as far as the Auction House goes, it’s definitely a buyer’s market. Prices on most things are low low low compared to other servers, which is good and bad. It’s good for new players – up until a few months ago, Dalaran was the biggest New Player server, and it’s still full of a lot of new players and altoholics, and not a very large raiding scene. It’s perfect for my playstyle – usually.

But for those of us that are goblin wannabes, it’s not exactly easy to flip goods on the AH.A few weeks ago, I set aside 5,000 gold, installed TradeSkillMaster, setup some custom groups for transmog and crafting items, and off I went. Bought up all of the transmog that was selling for way less than the TSM prices and still looked cool/unique, plus a good amount of crafting items, and started posting them on the AH. What a flop. 3 weeks later I had sold maybe 5 things, and had made maybe 1000 gold. I ended up either vendoring or disenchanting most of it. So that’s a no-go, at least for right now. Meh.

Another option is farming, which takes more time, but hey, what else am I going to do right now? I ran Firelands trash, Ulduar, and Bastion of Twilight on 25-man heroic just for the drops, and vendored almost all of it. That netted me about 15k gold altogether in a week. Not bad!

My Super-Secret Bank Vault!

Finally there’s crafting. Right now I’m only really doing the Jewelcrafting daily each day on all of my alts, plus creating Hexweave each day for my Tailor. I’m making as many Hexweave Bags as possible at the moment and stowing them all away for the Legion launch. People will be coming back, buying bags for new characters, and the like so I think that market might be pretty decent.

I’m also working on realigning my character/profession matrix for Legion. Professions will no longer be artificially gated like in Legion, so having multiple Tailors, Alchemists, or Jewelcrafters won’t provide a big advantage. Instead I’m leveling Enchanting and Blacksmithing on my bank alt, leveling Leatherworking on a new (boosted) Rogue, and making sure that I have at least two characters covering each gathering profession. This is how I prefer to work anyway, so I really hope that Blizzard decides to cool it with the major profession changes going forward. No need to reinvent the wheel every expansion – just stick with what worked for years.

So far, between garrison missions, JC dailies, farming, and crafting, I’m up to 350k gold as of last night. That’s not a lot compared to most pro goblins, but considering that I’m sinking my teeth back into the game for the first time in years, that’s not half bad.

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