Flipping Tables

Garrisons & Mission Tables. Such a polarizing topic among WoW players these days.


WoW developer Watcher posted a long response to some of the concerns about the Mission Table v. 2.0 in Legion.  A few things I want to address here.

But at the same time, there are people who do enjoy the mission minigame, and there are some positive elements, such as a bit of offline progression, and the fun of looking forward to a reward waiting for you when you get home and log in. Not all aspects of the game are intended to appeal to all players – that’s part of the challenge of creating a single game that is played by such a diverse audience with different preferences and playstyles. But while garrison followers and missions were a substantial portion of the content in Warlords, Order Hall missions are probably more like 3% of Legion.

Let’s back up for a moment. Does anybody REALLY enjoy the mission mini-game? I have no doubt that when Blizzard pulls their reports on what players are doing when they log in, they see a whole lot of players running missions, likely on multiple characters every single day. But running missions does not equal enjoyment. Personally, I run missions on 6 characters every single day. It’s NOT fun. It’s NOT enjoyable. It’s NOT something that I think about while I’m at work and it’s definitely not something that I look forward to. I run missions for one reason: gold. It’s similar to running dailies in previous expansions, I’m not doing it because I enjoy the activity, I’m doing it because I want the gold and I feel like I’m missing out on gold if I miss a day.

I understand that there is a fair amount of cynicism, and there are some who are probably reading this right now and thinking that it’s just a bunch of nice-sounding words trying to cover up our sinister plan of mission-table supremacy. But even if we wanted to, we know that we can’t hide anything here. Well before Legion is in anyone’s hands, people will be experiencing the system in its entirety in beta, and we’ll be judged on that basis.

Cynicism is an understatement, and it isn’t undeserved. People have serious mission fatigue right now.

The core of the class Order campaigns is epic quest content that is custom to your class. If you’re a Death Knight, you might be working to raise a new set of Four Horsemen who are powerful enough to stand against the Legion; as a Mage, you may be investigating a plot that threatens to undo Dalaran from within; and so forth. That’s what the Order campaigns are. We start you on these chains during the level-up experience, but they’re intended to be a story that unfolds over time, complementing the game’s level-up and endgame progression.

Could this not be done with traditional quests? I get it, I really do. I love the idea of Order campaigns, class fantasy, and so on. But mission tables are not the right way to do it. The best way I can describe it, with no disrespect intended, is that the playerbase currently has mission table PTSD. The mere sight of a mission table is causing dizziness, nausea, flashbacks, and panic. Maybe the best thing to do would be to cut the losses, move the missions to traditional quest experiences, and just move on.

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