In The End, There is Azeroth

If you follow my twitter feed, you can probably guess what happened with me and FFXIV… I tried, I really did. The game itself is really well done in a lot of ways, and I can definitely see why it has the playerbase number that it does. It’s polished, well thought-through, and interesting. But honestly, it just wasn’t my genre. I felt about FFXIV a lot like I thought about Wildstar – both fun novelties and excellent MMOs in their own right if you’re into JRPGs and Sci-Fi Westerns, respectively. But JRPGs and Sci-Fi Westerns aren’t my thing, so it was difficult for me to viscerally connect to those games. I lasted a few weeks, and then I was floundering about again without a game home.

So, I resubbed to good ol’ faithful: World of Warcraft. As much as I dislike Garrison gameplay, I’ve ended up maxing out 4 garrisons (and working on two more) with Treasure Hunter followers and running gold missions each day for easy money. At the end of each expansion I typically run dailies for gold anyway, so this is just a more efficient version of that. It’s not really “fun”, but I like checking my Accountant mod at the end of each night and seeing the day’s totals tallied up. I’m also working on finishing leveling Archaeology and Fishing on my paladin, since she is my new main these days.

In addition, yesterday I came across this post on Tumblr that is proposing a fantastic idea: Taking the first two weeks after the Warcraft movie comes out to hang out in starter zones and assist new players. Since I currently play on a high-pop realm that is tagged for new players (Dalaran-US), we will likely get slammed with an influx of new players when the movie launches. So, new project: making and stockpiling Netherweave Bags and putting some gold back to give to lowbies. The plan is to hang out in Elwynn/Kharanos/Dolanaar and hand out the bags & gold, answer questions, and generally assist lowbies to make their starting experience more positive. My LotRO guild did something similar in LotRO back when it went F2P, and my GW2 guild (Gaiscioch) has done this in RIFT and GW2 with great results. It was fun so I’m definitely looking forward to doing it again, and I’ve already gotten a few others in my guild (Drunken Hooligans represent!) on-board to assist as well.

Next time: Stardew Valley, one of the very few single-player games I actually enjoy!

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