Scenes From The Northwest

After a weekend of digging and fencing, here’s where we are so far:


Animal field: Fenced and Locked! I still need to dig out that mound of dirt in the middle, but all the animals are in their home now.



Farm field: Almost done! I still need to rip down the small temporary animal pen, level it alllll out (needs to be flat to plant a farm), and finish a few more fence sections. We have plenty of food for now though, so this project will go on the back burner.

Next up on the docket is digging out the eastern border of the deed and getting that part of the fence finished, then we should be good and secure against trolls, spiders, scorpions, crocs, and the like. I went exploring tonight so that I could find a female sheep in order to start breeding for wool. What I found is that if I go about 2 minutes through the forest to the east, there is a huge area of steppe and tundra FULL of nasties. That’s why we have so many critters wandering onto the deed, they’re all coming from here. I’m not complaining at all, that is good hunting. 😀



Note the big troll in the upper right – that is a champion troll (an elite) and in my mind, he rules this hill. One of these days his rule will end. 😉

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