Wurm Bites

After Blaugust, I needed a break from blogging. The whole once-a-day thing was waaaay too unsustainable for me, so I took a brief hiatus to let things settle. I’m thinking a post 2-3 times a week, or whenever I have something to say. No promises or obligations. This is for fun, right?

So as far as WoW goes, I think I’m pretty much done for this expansion. I got my paladin and mage to 100 and decently geared out via PvP, and transferred them to a fun World PvP-centric dwarf guild with great folks. Other than finishing out achievements or collecting pets or mounts or whatnot, there’s really not a ton else that I need to do, so I’m in a good spot for Legion. I’ll continue to log in periodically to do some dailies for cash, but otherwise I think I likely won’t put in any more significant WoW time in until Legion.

In other news: I picked up another old, friendly, comfortable game again: Wurm Online. Those of you that have known me for years know that I adore this game, although like anything I have to take breaks from it. Hearing the announcement about the upcoming Wurm Unlimited release on Steam got me thinking about jumping back in anyway, and then my old pal/co-worker @_Jeg_ also started thinking about it as well, so off to Xanadu we went. The first thing to decide was whether to continue on our existing deeds, or to start fresh. This was hard because we’ve both spent a ton of time and resources on building our deeds, but there were two negatives to the location: We were in the dead middle of the map and were only sea-accessible by one small canal at the far north end of the lake, and there was no activity in the area. We were basically hermits. We both wanted better access to a spawn point, a market, and foot-traffic, so we grabbed a couple of horses and went scouting in northwest Xanadu. We went north because mob density is higher (better hunting) and west for easier access to the Independence/Deliverance/Exodus/Celebration cluster.

I had a few requirements:

  • Coastal access: I don’t normally like areas right on the water, but having a coastal area about 100 or so tiles from my deed was preferable.
  • Close to a spawn point: We started out looking at Linton and Vrock Landing. Vrock quickly won out, one of the Wurm staff members has been working on the spawn and it has a super-cool checkerboard portal area. Also, it is further northwest (see above).
  • Good ores: This one is tricky. I’ve learned lessons from past deeds, and at this point I take care to prospect to get an idea of what is available BEFORE deeding. Iron is a must. Gold, silver, or lead is icing on the cake. Anything else is nice to have, but not super-necessary.
  • Terrain: I like places that back up to mountains or otherwise difficult-to-deed terrain (for a mine), but I also LOVE me some forest. Lots and lots of forest, with good trees (cedar, pine, birch). Also, not tooooooo hilly, I prefer flattish deeds as opposed to terraced.
  • Neighbors: A few good neighbors and a good alliance are also necessary. Not too crowded, but not too lonesome either. Hermiting is nice until you’re hermiting for months on end.

After riding around for several days, checking out all sorts of different places, digging, prospecting, and running from entire tribes of trolls, scorpions, spiders, hellhounds, anacondas, crocodiles, and other assorted wildlife, we finally settled on two places relatively close to each other. I took the forest on the highway, Jeg took the (rare but awesome) spot on the coast. My only issue with the forest was that I was unable to prospect to check what ores were under the area, so it was a gamble. However after prospecting other nearby areas and asking neighboring deeds, it seemed like the chances were good that it would have iron at the least, so we took that chance.

It paid off. We’ve found iron AND gold so far, and I know there’s zinc somewhere nearby. WOO!

The last few times I’ve done this, I’ve forgotten to get “before” pictures, so here it is… the lovely, lush, wild area that is Wildeacre 2.0:

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