Roleplay: It’s for Everyone.

More thoughts on roleplay today. 🙂

There’s been an interesting debate on our server regarding roleplay. Traditionally, and perhaps ideally, roleplay would adhere completely to the lore. So I wouldn’t, for example, play a character that is Thrall and Jaina’s half-orc/half-human love child that has been touched by magic and can turn into a dragon… at least I wouldn’t go around telling everybody that. In the roleplay world that’s called being a Mary Sue, a character that is so unique and powerful that it becomes near impossible to develop any kind of interesting story or back-and-forth with other characters.

There’s also roleplay that extends beyond the boundaries of the Warcraft universe, so for example, roleplaying as StarCraft characters stuck in Azeroth, or roleplay that’s so silly that it becomes a joke. What ends up happening is an inevitable clash between those who prefer their roleplay to be adherent to the lore and who want everyone else’s roleplay to be the same, and those who prefer their roleplay to be sillier and looser. Thing is: there’s room for all types of roleplay. If a group is roleplaying in a way that you personally find distasteful, there’s a very simple solution. Don’t roleplay with them. It’s not rocket science. Nobody is allowed to force their playstyle on another person, but that doesn’t mean that two or more playstyles cannot peacefully coexist side-by-side. This Blizz post from Goroxxigamm on our realm forums confirms this:

Normally we would stay out of this but there continues to be a trend where the environment in a realm forum, which is intended to be a place for players to BUILD community, serves only to do the opposite. So, I am posting here in the hopes that it will do some good.

So to start, the first negative post in this thread seems to have started a lengthy back and forth that likely could have been avoided entirely. Instead of responding to the post it would have been a great deal better simply to ignore it, or even ignore the user that posted it. By responding it adds fuel to the fire and detracts from the original purpose of the thread.

If you believe a post violates the Code of Conduct report it, ignore the person and do not engage.

08/18/2015 04:06 PMPosted by Xeer

I refuse to hold everyone’s hand on #edream. 🙂

That would be fine, but actively going out of your way to smash that hand with a mallet, probably something that we can do without.

This is a general statement and not specific to Xeer… The fact of the matter is, regardless of if you approve of someone’s RP or not, there are more appropriate ways to participate in a dialog where you can share you opinion. Let’s not confuse the issue either, it is your opinion and it is no more or less valid than anyone else. That you have it does not give you or anyone else the right to harass, berate or attempt to intimidate others for theirs.

No one serves as grand arbiter of what is or is not RP. Not here and not in the game.

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