So yesterday I shared about how I came to play on the Emerald Dream RP-PvP server – but I didn’t go into what exactly I consider RP. Roleplay is one of those things that I love the idea of more than I probably enjoy doing it, to an extent. Sitting in a tavern and listening to characters have a in-character conversation is great, and I love being on a server where that is welcomed and available. But when it comes to participating, I sometimes have a difficult time. That same sitting around and having in-character conversations feels weird because in real life I’m not that social either. It feels like I’m always trying to think of things to say and how to word them so as not to offend and keep things fun and interesting, and that’s more like work than anything else. Why yes, I am an introvert, thank you very much.

This changes somewhat though if we’re doing a roleplay event. We’re going to march through the Eastern Kingdoms on our way to pay tribute to Uther’s Tomb? YES. Going to have a Horde vs. Alliance roleplay event with some PvP action. Oh yeah. Costume contests, beach parties, in-character dungeons and raids. Sign me up! I prefer activities where there is action and the subject of conversation isn’t dependent on me, but on whatever we’re doing at the time.

The other aspect of roleplay that I think you don’t hear a lot about is just old-fashioned game immersion. When I play, I do try to get into the mindset of my character and play as her in my head. That doesn’t mean I yell GLORY TO THE ALLIANCE before every pull or speak in archaic dialect. It’s just when I’m killing those 20 muckgoblins, it’s not me playing a video game killing muckgoblins for 13,000 xp and 2 gold. It’s Teaghan Rose Stoutheart of Thelsamar, Initiate of the Argent Crusade and Harbinger of the Light killing those muckgoblins for GREAT JUSTICE and to collect their livers so that this sweet family can have dinner tonight. And sometimes if somebody is questing in the same area and asks me a question, I’ll answer in a dwarvish accent (which isn’t so far from my normal southern accent) so as not to ruin the immersion for them.

I think there’s room for lots of different types and levels of roleplay as well… more on that tomorrow. 🙂

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