The OTHER Emerald Dream

In World of Warcraft, I’ve played on a handful of regular PvE servers (Garona, Terenas, Runetotem) for short periods of time. The far greater amount of time has been spent on Roleplay servers: Feathermoon (first RP server), Steamwheedle Cartel (the one I’ve spent the most time on), The Scryers, Wyrmrest Accord and finally Emerald Dream. Steamwheedle Cartel (SwC) holds such fond memories for me – at the time it was a new, bustling server with an amazing roleplay community, tons of community events, and an active raiding and PvP scene. As it always does on RP realms, drama happened, and when Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord came online, most RPers gradually left for a new RP promised land. Over the past several years, SwC’s population has dwindled, with only maybe a handful of RPers left on the server. It’s a sad commentary on the WoW RP community that SwC and so many of the other RP realms are in the same situation – but then again I’m part of the problem.

Sometime during Cataclysm I transferred most of my characters to Wyrmrest Accord. Wyrmrest is GREAT for roleplay, but I found a weird problem there as well: there were SO MANY roleplay guilds, but very few casual, friendly, fun, RP-lite guilds that are my ideal atmosphere. It was almost too much roleplay, with a whole lot of strongly-themed guilds and little room for out-of-character banter. While it’s a great server if you’re a hardcore roleplayer, it just wasn’t a good fit in the long run for me.

Eventually I started researching realms again. I was tired of transferring between realms and drifting. I had a few requirements:

  • RP Server preferred.
  • Room for all playstyles: RP, World Events, Casual, Raiding, PvP.
  • At least a couple interesting looking guilds that I would want to look into joining.
  • POPULATED. I didn’t want to be on a dead server.
  • A good number of my preferred character names available.
  • A sense of community, whatever that was.
  • Active official forums & Facebook. I know, I know, it’s the OFFICIAL FORUMS. But still, that’s a pretty good indicator of population and community.

While researching, an option came up that I had never considered before:

Emerald Dream RP-PvP… PVP

I’m not really a PvPer, I fully admit it. While I have fond memories of running Alterac Valley and the old Southshore/Tarren Mill world PvP zerg battles, I considered PvP servers to be that place where those players go, where you can’t level because everybody is out to gank you and the e-peen reigns supreme. But other than that, it hit all the requirements. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to roll a lowbie there and check it out. And of course, I got ganked in Elwynn Forest. 🙂

But I was pleased with what I saw. I contacted the awesome people in <Meddle> and spoke to them about what I was looking for and what it was like being on a PvP server. “Jump on in!” they said. “It’s not so bad, it can actually be fun!”. So I transferred one character over and I’ve been there happily ever since. I do get ganked pretty much every night, sometimes multiple times a night, but it’s important to have the right mindset for it. Just accept that it’s going to happen, and that if you get camped, you’ll just need to move to another area for a little bit. It’s no big deal really, it just adds to the Alliance vs. Horde atmosphere and yes, it does actually add to the immersion and roleplay.

So I’ve been a happy Dreamer ever since. ED like any PvP server has a reputation of being full of drama and rivalries, and it can be a volatile environment at times. But it’s incredibly active and full of life and fun times, and that’s all I really need.

1 thought on “The OTHER Emerald Dream

  1. Neri

    Oooh, hi ex Runetotem player! I have an Alliance mage over there that I log into occasionally.

    I also just made the move to a PvP server for many of the reasons you listed (just not the RP, I’m no good at that!) and have been pleasantly surprised by how much of a PvE focus there seems to be. Sure, I got killed a few times while leveling, but as you say, it’s not the end of the world if you have the right mind set. I have enough characters on my roster that it’s the campers loss and not mine if I switch 😛

    I hope you enjoy your new home!


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