Gaming Update

Time to catch up on what is going on in my gaming world this week.

World of Warcraft: Still chugging along. Teaghan the paladin is level 95 now, and she’s about to finish up Gorgrond and head into Talador. I spent about 3k gold earlier today to buy ore and herbs to level up her Jewelcrafting, she’s been making plenty of money just through questing and such so I didn’t mind dropping the cash. She should easily hit 700 Mining and JC in a few days time through the normal cooldowns.

Beyond questing, she’s been running Tempest Keep to try to get the Ashes of Al’ar mount. I love this mount, it’s my favorite ever. I probably won’t see it drop for a year or two. đŸ˜‰

LotRO: The good thing about LotRO is that since I’m a lifetimer, I don’t ever have to worry about subscribing/unsubscribing. So right now let’s just say that I’m on another LotRO break. I’m really just waiting on transfers to open up from Landroval to Gladden so that I can move my Landroval characters over and get all of my crew together.

Wurm Online: I haven’t played Wurm in a while, other than to log on and make sure that the upkeep is paid on my deed. I likely will drop $15 or so and buy gold off another player so that I can deposit more upkeep and keep the deed safe. I really don’t want to lost that spot if I can help it. Eventually I’ll probably go back (I always do), but now is not that time.

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