Be Still My Beating Heart…

This… this…


I’m not planning on playing a Demon Hunter other than to see the starting experience, but I MUST have this little guy. I’m really hoping that he goes “mgrlrlrlrlglglrlrlr… not prepared…megrlrlrlrlrlglr” and shoots other pets with laserbeam eyes. LASERBEAMS. I also wasn’t planning on buying the Blizzcon Virtual ticket since you can get all the info for free afterwards, but yeah, I might shell out the $40 just for this little guy.

Yep, I’m a complete sucker.

Also, this…


How cute is THAT? It looks like Blizzard is revamping the festivals for the latter part of the year, which is a good move. After 10+ years, most of the festivals need updating and players need motivation to participate if they’ve already completed all the achievements. Interestingly, there is no update for Lunar Festival in February. I wonder if that was a natural stopping point because, oh, I don’t know, maybe there will be another major event around that time? Hm.


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