On Ravenholdt

I have to admit that I’m fascinated about all the drama surrounding the Rogue Class Hall in Legion. The devs at Gamescom, while building up the idea of class halls being in these really cool iconic locations, made a couple of off-hand remarks about placing the rogue hall in the Dalaran Sewers.


Of course rogues went ballistic, since Ravenholdt is THE iconic rogue location, where rogues have been going for class quests and the like for years, and well, nobody wants to hang out in a sewer. Unless you’re a goblin. 😉

So #RavenholdtOrRiot was born and after much wailing and gnashing of teeth on Twitter and Reddit and the official forums, the devs of course said they would discuss it at the office, but what if they could make the Dalaran Underground (notice the name change here) WAY COOLER than Ravenholdt?


Either location they go with is going to need some artistic reworking done to make it cool. The thing about Ravenholdt currently is that it burned down in the legendary dagger quest. So it would need to be rebuilt, which means new art anyway. Hmm…

I’m thinking an old, stately yet mysterious stone mansion… something in between Human and Forsaken architecture, so that it’s evenly balanced between Horde and Alliance.


Once you step inside, it should be clear that these rogues don’t do sewers. They may be loners and n’er-do-wells, but they make bank from all that pickpocketing, with grand staircases and fine furniture.




Each race could have a wing… a la the Harry Potter “houses”. There could even be a cool purple-and-green gothic wing for the Forsaken rogues.


Maybe a little Karazhan music for kicks and giggles?

Trap doors, secret entrances, levers on the walls leading to secret corridors, a poisons laboratory, and a weapon arsenal (as a location for customizing those artifacts) are a MUST. And of course, rogues have to practice their lockpicking abilities. How about a dungeon in the basement?


I dunno… Ravenholdt is looking pretty cool now. I’d be curious to see how much better the Dalaran Underground would be. 😉

2 thoughts on “On Ravenholdt

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  2. C. T. Murphy

    The Dalaran Sewers aren’t terrible, I guess. I read someone mention how bad ass it was that the Rogues have essentially infiltrated the Mage Capital, which I agree with.

    Still, it is much less iconic and I hate not tying the lore back to vanilla when possible.


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