Blaugust Update and Stuff


Blaugust: I can’t believe that I’ve posted something 9 days in a row now. I won’t lie, it’s been a little harder that I expected. I was doing pretty well for a while at writing my blog post the night before and queueing it up to publish the next day, but I took one night off and I’m off schedule. This post is actually being written on the 8th and will be published on the 9th to try to get back on track. Once Blaugust is done, if I can keep up this pace I may also try this on other good habits that I am working on… exercise being one of them. 31 days…. just 31 days…

I’ve failed utterly at commenting on other posts – I think I did that for the first couple of days and then fell short. That’s okay, I’ll keep pushing forward. Know though that I AM reading the other Blaugust blogs and so far I am really liking what I’m seeing and all the support for each other out there. Keep at it y’all!


2 – 4 – 6 – 8! Those Blaugust posts just can’t wait! GOOOO TEAM!!

Gaming: It’s no surprise that I’ve been playing WoW lately. The paladin alt that I’ve been working on-and-off for about 3 years now is level 92, and I’m pushing her to level 100 as quickly as I can. After I level cap her I want to get all her professions capped, start running some older instances for mounts and cosmetics, and focus on pet battles and goldmaking.

  • Cap Jewelcrafting
  • Cap Mining
  • Cap Fishing
  • Cap First Aid
  • Cap Cooking
  • Get the Ashes of A’lar Mount
  • Start Pet Battles
  • Grind reps with interesting tabards/mounts/cosmetics
  • Play the AH (my favorite mini-game)

I do think that she is going to be my main going forward. I’ve been having a lot of fun being a paladin and I’m looking forward to the paladin class halls coming up in Legion. Plus, it feels homey being a dwarf again. 🙂

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