Thoughts on Legion


Just a few random things that I’ve been thinking about yesterday:

  • What happens if you play dual-spec? Say if I play retribution in PvE but play Holy in PvP. I’m assuming that we only get to pick one artifact, so will there be other weapons that we can use for the alternate spec?
  • I LOVE that they are splitting up PvE and PvP talents, I think that should be a given in any MMO. But what about World PvP? Do the PvP talents kick in if you’re flagged? Do world PvP kills count towards Prestige? I play on a RP-PvP server, and World PvP is HUGE there. It’s a major component of the server culture and I’d hate to see that harmed.
  • The announcement trailer showed Khadgar in the form of a crow hanging out at Karazhan. Wait, what? That was Medivh’s schtick. While I’m sure that Khadgar has the ability to be a crow and go wherever he wants, and he did used to live at Kara, that seems a bit off to me. It also makes me wonder if we’ll see Kara as a revamped dungeon in the future.
  • I’m really excited about Dalaran being the city hub for this expansion. I would be perfectly fine if Dalaran was the city hub for any expansion based on Azeroth/Northrend/Pandaria/Broken Isles. It flies, so just fly it around wherever it needs to go. I think at some point in future (not this expansion) we’ll see it get destroyed though. Nothing lasts forever.
  • I LOVE all the different themes they are throwing into this expansion. The Legion, the valkyr, the night elves, druidism, the Emerald Dream, Azshara and the naga, Titans, etc. I’m really hoping that some themes only get a nod though, and that this will just be set up for future stories… Azshara and the Naga really should have their own expansion, and the Emerald Dream could use it’s own expansion as well.
  • If the artifact weapons are from characters that have lost their lives or “lost hope”, will we see a huge culling of major characters during the pre-expansion events? Afrasiabi said that we would all be shocked and surprised and he would get some twitter hate. How better to do that than to kill off Thrall, Tirion Fordring, and other major characters?

All in all – I am hyped BUT tempering that with cautious optimism. IF everything that they mentioned makes it into the game, and the dungeons are given more relevancy, and crafting is good, and the class halls don’t turn into Queue Lobbies 2.0, I’ll be VERY happy with this expansion.

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