The Suspense is Terrible

Well folks, today is the day that we have all been waiting for! In a few hours Blizzard will release the details (including a cinematic!) of the new expansion. Some of us will be giddy with excitement, others will roll their eyes, but we’re all going to have our eyes glued to see what Blizz will do. I’m still throwing my lot in with the Azshara/naga/trolls theory, and instead of garrisons I think we’ll get our own ships with follo… er, a piratey crew!


Somebody (or several somebodies) said something on Twitter yesterday that started me thinking. Why are older PvP zones like Wintergrasp and Tol Barad no longer relevant? Why couldn’t those zones be carried forward for PvP purposes? They’ve been far more popular than Ashran ever was. Part of the main issue with this expansion has been that Ashran was generally considered a failure, but if the other PvP zones were queueable and the PvP community made the decision to move there instead, they would have at least had a viable alternative.

1 thought on “The Suspense is Terrible

  1. C. T. Murphy

    I’d love to at least see these older areas converted into something useful for modern players. FFXIV managed to solve a lot of these problems, but WoW keeps doubling down on the stacked content issue. Free character boosts is a band-aid, not a solution.


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