Are You Not Entertained?

I picture the Blizzard Gamescom announcement starting off something like that.

And the answer is: No. No, Blizz, we were not entertained. Sure we were entertained for a while. The questing in Warlords of Draenor was the high point of the expansion, and everybody thought that it was a foreshadowing of things to come. The raiding too, from what I hear, was excellent and was also a high point of the game. But Blizz, let’s talk about what happened after that…

WARNING: Rant incoming in 3… 2… 1…

Garrisons: These were EPIC fail. Excellent examples of player housing already exist within the MMO market. Rift, Wildstar, EverQuest 2 are perfect examples. Players wanted a blank slate, a place to decorate or better yet, CREATE our housing. A place to express ourselves, to show off awesome items that dropped from raids, legendary quests, crafting, archaeology. This wasn’t rocket science. But instead the WoW devs scoffed at the idea and said that nobody wanted to play the Sims, that they had better ideas. And so they gave us all the exact same pre-made playfort, with minimal choices that we could make to make it our own. Our standard issue playforts did come with chores though. So. Many. Chores.

Sorry guys, I love you, but Garrisons and their failure were the tangible result of your arrogance and disconnection from the playerbase. It wasn’t that the playerbase asked for something they didn’t really want. It was that you didn’t understand what players were asking for, and you didn’t want to.

PvP: I don’t have a lot to say on this subject as I really haven’t gotten into PvP this expansion. But my PvP buddies are all in agreement; Ashran is bad.

6.1: A.K.A the S.E.L.F.I.E. patch. I wasn’t even playing WoW at the time but I remember thinking… a selfie camera? How much more gimmicky can we get? Thing is, yes I have one. Yes I use it. Yes it’s cute, and I’m glad it’s in the game. But it is not a major focus of a major content patch. That’s like saying “Hey kids! Update 1.1 is coming out! You will all be able to get… wait for it… wait for it… THE MALLET OF ZUL’FARRAK. YAY!!!

Missing Content: Faralohn. C’mon guys. Faralohn! This would have made a huge difference had it been in the game. Why was Tanaan Jungle not introduced until 6.2? What happened to the Ogre island to the SW of Draenor? Why did you cut the Alliance and Horde capital cities?

6.2: The last content update for this expansion – what happened Blizz? You cannot honestly stand there, look in my eyes, and tell me that only having two updates was planned.

Orc-Fatigue: Having two orc-centric expansions in a row is a terrible idea. I know they are a favorite at Blizzard, but it’s getting to the point that if I have to deal with yet more orcs in the next expansion, I might turn fel green myself. We cannot take more orcs.

I just have massive, massive disappointment with Warlords of Draenor. That said – Blizzard absolutely CAN GET THE SHIP BACK ON COURSE. But they only have one shot at it, and that one shot is based on whatever they reveal at GamesCom. I doubt we’ll ever see 10 million subs again, but we absolutely could see 3 million come back with this next expansion. Blizzard is going to have to work to keep them though, and they’re going to have to deliver fresh, compelling content based on the best feature sets that WoW has had in the past, and they’ll have to deliver this content at a nice lively clip to keep players involved.

Let’s see just how much they want to entertain us.

5 thoughts on “Are You Not Entertained?

    1. Moxie Post author

      I did like the garrison at first when it was new, but it just didn’t have the staying power that it needed. At this point, I’m perfectly fine if they do away with them and give us more story/raids/dungeons/pvp. I’m almost wondering if it was designed that way on purpose. 😉

  1. C. T. Murphy

    My big issue with World of Warcraft is there’s no concept of adding content to the game independent of the expansion any longer. Everything they do is billed as a part of the content intended to be delivered via the new expansion. In contrast, FFXIV managed to add the Ninja class without charging for it or hyping it up beforehand.

    I don’t care how often WoW expansions come out, but the base game should constantly be receiving content updates, regardless.

    1. Moxie Post author

      That’s a great point! I understand that raids and such are planned for patch releases, as a way of moving the story forward. I’d like to see some surprise features added in though. Things like the selfie camera and other pet developer projects would be PERFECT for that.


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