The Cage (RP)

(Roleplay Series, Part 2 of 3)

Vanechka didn’t open her eyes at first. She was aware of commotion surrounding her, of eerie sounds she couldn’t identify, and of the same disgusting smell she had endured in the forest. “Surely I couldn’t have survived,” she thought to herself. “Oh please, I hope I haven’t survived if they are still here.” She slowly willed her eyes open, and as she focused saw a large black, rocky wall in the distance. Realizing that she was laying down, and that what she was seeing was a ceiling, she turned her head to the side to see exactly where she was, and found her face-to-face with an imp surrounded with a green glow. He began jumping and squealing upon seeing her awaken, and ran off into the cave. Her head still felt like it was going to explode, and her whole body ached with the memories of what happened in the forest.

As Vanechka sat up, she saw that she was in a square iron cage in a huge, black cavern, on a ledge above the commotion. There were orcs and demons everywhere. Some orcs were perched over altars, performing chants and incantations. Others were struggling with demons that were appearing out of thin air and attacking their new masters. Vanechka would watch as the demons would claw and rip at their masters faces, while the warlocks would struggle with incantations to fend them off. Other warlocks, she could only presume them teachers of sorts, watched and would order their minions to kill the attacking demons only moments before the younger warlocks would die. Still more orcs were running back and forth, apparently at the request of other warlocks, as slaves and messengers. She watched one in particular with running with a limp, as he went to his master, gave him a message, and was promptly attacked by the warlock’s demon and ripped to shreds.

Repulsed, Vanechka turned away and saw a lone orc walking towards her cage with the original imp that she had seen, along with one of the gaseous blue demons and one of the female demons. She recognized the orc as the one that had declared her the property of the demons before.

“So she wakes up, does she? Too bad for you young one, you would be better off dead. Tell me, what is your name?” the orc sneered.

Vanechka just stared at the orc and didn’t say a word, not sure what kind of game the orc wanted to play. “Fine then, perhaps Malchek can coax it out of you.” The orc replied as the blue demon started towards the cage. He floated thru the bars and attacked Vanechka, ripping the skin on her arms and face, and burning her anywhere he touched. “Stop! Please make it stop!” Vanechka cried out, struggling against the incomprehensible weight of the demon over her. “Malchek! Down!” the orc called the demon off of Vanechka, and the demon managed to spit acid on her face before he finally left her. She tried to use the frayed hem of her dress to get the acid off, but the more she rubbed the worse it burned.

The orc said a quick chant and the burning subsided. “Malchek! We won’t do that to her yet. Save her beauty for now. Now you, what is your name?”

“My name is Vanechka.”

“I am Grug, Master Warlock, servant of Kil’Jaeden. You are of Kil’Jaeden’s people, are you not?”

“Kil’Jaeden is a traitor to our people. He is not one of us anymore,” she said defiantly.

“Well my dear, you will soon be one of his. You will be called Jae, after our mighty and glorious master. Vanechka is no more.”

“What are you talking about? I am Vanechka, and nothing you do will change that.”

“So naïve,” Grug said, rolling his eyes at her, “You have become acquainted with our demons already, let me formally introduce you. This,” pointing at the imp, “is an imp. Names are of no importance to you, as you will be meeting many more of their kind. The imps will be your favorite, as they will kill you very quickly.” Grug motioned over to the blue demon. “These are voidwalkers, they prefer to kill you slowly and painfully…” The female demon rocked her hips from side to side, and cracked her whip in the air as Grug said, “…and this beauty is known as a succubus. They enjoy seducing their victims with their charms, you will be lured to death and not realize it until it is too late. There are others as well, but you will have time enough to get to know them all.”

As Grug turned around and walked out of the cavern, he said, “I would advise you to rest for the night. Tomorrow, your hell begins.”

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