The Capture (RP)

(Roleplay Series, Part 1 of 3)

Vanechka ran frantically through the woods, sweat glistening on her blue skin, as she tried to outpace her pursuers. She saw a clearing in the distance, just through the trees, and as much as she hated to be seen out in the open right now, she knew she had no choice. The woods were crawling with orcs; orcs who right now, wanted her dead or alive for who knows what.

She sprinted to the clearing, looking back over her shoulder constantly to make sure that no orcs were directly behind her. These were orc warlocks, much more dangerous than the normal orcs in the area. The orcs had been at relative peace with the Draenei people for a long time, but in the past few years, tensions had been growing between the two races. It wasn’t clear exactly why, but both groups had been on edge. Rumors flew of orcs delving into evil, demonic powers to try to “control” shadow powers, and that led to more rumors of the same orcs being controlled by the very demons they summoned. So far they had little proof that this was a danger to the draenei; the orcs kept to themselves for the most part.

At that moment however, nobody needed to convince Vanechka of anything. There was a slew of orcs in the woods, and they undoubtedly had demons with them and were intent on catching her. She could smell an unforgettable stench when they began summoning the demons, and right now the smell was all around her, making her nauseated but at the same time propelling her forward.

It actually propelled her so fast that she didn’t see the large, fallen tree in front of her until it was too late. She leapt over the giant log and tried to clear it unsuccessfully. Instead she began plunging down the hillside into a deep but narrow ravine. The rocks and pebbles on the hill skinned and scraped her face, arms, and legs as she tumbled helplessly and with full force into the ravine.

“Pah!” She exclaimed as she rolled to a halt at the bottom of the ravine. Her head felt like it was going to explode, and she couldn’t count the number of trees in front of her for sure. She stumbled up on her feet slowly; only to fall back down again as her joints gave out in excruciating pain. Her lower right leg seemed disjointed from the rest of her leg, and she realized that she wasn’t going to be running anywhere. She needed to hide, and fast.

She saw a grouping of large shrubberies next to the ravine wall not too far away, and she knew that if she could get there quickly that she could wait the orcs out. Her family would come looking for her eventually when she didn’t return from her evening walk, although today she did wander off her normal route. It didn’t matter, they would spread out and find her, and whatever warlocks might be loitering around would regret it.

She used all of her upper body strength and to drag herself to the bushes. She could smell the stench getting stronger, and she knew the demons were getting closer. Her heart was racing so fast that she wasn’t sure it was beating at all, and she heard rustlings in the brush above the ravine. She found a suitable sized gap in the shrubberies, just big enough for her to slide into, and she wedged herself behind the thickest part of the foliage, next to the ravine wall. She fought against the stench to take a deep breath as she dropped her head against the wall and shut her eyes in relief.

She opened them a second later to find the bushes gone and 6 orcs surrounding her with a host of demonic imps, large indigo colored monstrosities, and seductive female demons readying their whips. The orc directly in front of her instantly cast a shadowy aura to surround Vanechka with intangible bindings.

“Why do you do this to me? I haven’t done anything! Please let me go!” she cried, tears beginning to run down her face. “I was only taking a walk, I didn’t mean any harm!”

“I don’t think the Master will agree, young one. Your stupidity has cost you your freedom. You are ours now. No, you are theirs now.” he said as his eyes, glowing red, glanced towards the demons, “and such a pretty one too.” The females began circling around Vanechka, snapping their whips on the ground, snickering amongst themselves, and gesturing at Vanechka’s body. The imps began jumping in excited glee, and were obviously fighting against the control that the warlocks had on them for the moment. The dark blue, gaseous monsters began growing in size and roaring in approval.

The last thing Vanechka remembered as the demons began ravaging her was the overwhelming smell, the stench that pervaded their very being, and the feeling of hot fire being burned over every inch of her body. Then she mercifully blacked out.

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