It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!


Paislea the hobbit minstrel is level 62 and rolling through Mirkwood these days. She just arrived at the Haunted Inn, which I am loving the vibe on – creepy/scary places in MMOs are nearly always my favorite, and this place looks like it came out of a teen horror movie, you know, the kind where the young beautiful people go to a cabin and die off one by one in horrible and violent ways. Anyways, there’s a whole crew of humans and elves hanging out there, wringing their hands over what to do, and my little hobbit lass walks in. Their reaction?

You can stay a while, but don’t get to comfortable. We’ve been sending out bands of scouts to check out the area, and none have returned. Our hundreds of years of experience and wisdom are of no use. Go out there and find them, little hobbit girl!

Uhm, guys? Really?

1 thought on “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!

  1. tsuhelm

    Yeah my biggest gripe with Mirkwood is how a race (Elves) can be so useless…they have thousands of years of experience do they not? I like the fact my Dwarf RK is helping them out the whole time 🙂


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