Two Looks, One Pant

As I’ve gotten back into LotRO, one of my pet projects is helping my husband get back into the game. He’s never really clicked with LotRO in the past, but I’ve been there, done that too, so I get it, I really do. So I tried a different tactic: instead of just straight up questing, we started with some of the more uhm… “fluff” in the game – stuff that is fairly unique to LotRO. So far it’s working, and now he has more motivation to quest and level.

First off, he LOVES the hobbit presents. So much so that he blew through 2000 TP buying mithril coins to play the slots on his first night. He got a nice set of armor from that, plus some cash for his house and some bounders tokens for decorations. So far, so good.

Then he bought his house, and spent several hours finding all the housing vendors and grabbing up decorations, and getting stuff settled.

Finally, tonight we went to Laila’s Market for the first time. We both LOVED it and spent waaaay too many TP and Mithril Coins there. I outfitted Staesia, my baby champ, with two outfits…

staesiashirt-frontstaesiashirt-backstaesiahauberkfrontstaesiahauberkbackThen Michello found some pieces he liked for his hunter, and he ended up looking very much like a certain DC Comics character with a popular tv show. He was stuck on pants though. None of the Laila’s Market options struck his fancy. But I remembered a particular pair of pants with “hunter” written all over them: The Westernesse Protector’s Leggings. It’s a craftable pair of pants with leather patches, it dyes really well, and is versatile enough for hunters, rangers, burglars, minstrels – pretty much any character that has a nature-sy bent. A kinmate, Neruwyn/Lauralda, was sweet enough to craft me two pairs – one for me, one for the hubby. We went two totally different ways with them.

First Paislea the minstrel, with the pants dyed Crimson, a new Laila’s Market shirt, her cook’s backpack, and the boots that came with the Rohan expansion.

paisleacrimsonfrontpaisleacrimsonbackThen there’s Michello the hunter, a.k.a. The Green Arrow. All of his items came from Laila’s Market, except for the pants. He went with Rivendell Green.


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