Hey-Ho LotRO

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. Rest assured I’ve still been gaming as time allowed, but I just felt the need to go quiet for a while. Sometimes the blogosphere gets a little crazy, and sometimes you just burn out.

Then again, sometimes you just want to WRITE. So here I am. Again.

I picked LotRO back up recently. I have a weird relationship with LotRO. I have a lifetime account that I bought at launch, but LotRO didn’t really “grab” me back then. Still, I picked it back up sometime in 2010 , created new characters on Landroval, and played it a LOT for about a year. At some point that stopped. I tried picking it back up again some time later, but wanted to transfer servers back to my original home server, Gladden. However for some odd, unexplained-by-Turbine reason, none of my Landroval characters could be transferred to Gladden.

I was completely disheartened and quit playing for a while. Eventually I rerolled on Gladden, but my heart wasn’t in it because all I could think about was all the effort I had put into the characters on Landroval. So – this week, I logged back into Landroval. I’m back!

First things first though – my character lineup didn’t quite match what I had in mind, so there was much shuffling of inventory and deleting and recreation of lowbie characters. My 49 Rune-Keeper was due for a new hairstyle and a rename, conveniently purchased with my stockpile of Turbine Points (Yay for Lifetime Bonuses!). My Minstrel, Paislea, is level 60 and just starting Mirkwood, so she’ll be the maker of gold to feed those lowbie alts.

The new and improved stable of characters:









60 Hobbit Minstrel, Farmer, and member of the Cook’s Guild. She also has Mathom-House rep for the Tom Bombadil music, and a bunch of other reps that I don’t recall.









49 Rune-Keeper from Lindon. I stopped leveling her at some point because she was squishy and I kept dying, but I think with some added virtues and upgraded armor she’ll be fine. Not as snooty as she looks. She’s also appropriately a Scholar. She used to be Soleile, but she apparently committed a terrible deed in the not-so-distant past and is now in Middle-Earth Witness Protection, so she got a hair and name change.









Level 1 Champion of Gondor. I actually got a Champ up to the early 30s on Gladden and I really like their playstyle, so I’m thinking she’ll be the next to level. She’ll be a Jeweller/Prospector-type.









“Wait,” you may say. “That’s Paislea!”. You’re right. However Paislea and Quiglea are going to be twins. Because, well… I say so. Quiglea is a level 1 Hunter, and will be a Tailor/Harvester.

There are a couple other classes I’m mulling over… I’m thinking an Elf Lore-Master from Rivendell and Woman Captain from Rohan as well, but those are pretty far down on the priority list.

Next time: we discuss LotRO housing!

2 thoughts on “Hey-Ho LotRO

  1. tsuhelm

    I like Champs, they really know how to just wade on in…I use em to TP grind as they fly up to LV30 and their AoE attas make the deeds quick work…basically fun: Oddly developed a Human Champ, Dyort he is the cliche DPS attacker thug type and my Elven maid Champ is more into fancy swordwork…parrying and the like.

    Saying that my Captain Tsudryt on Landroval has been my main LOTRO draw for some time…er trying to get into Moria…lv47…keep getting distracted, now he got lost in Misty Mountains…

    er…long comment to say …WELCOME BACK to LOTRO šŸ™‚


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