Exodus Central Market

In Wurm, players can purchase merchants, which are NPCs that sell merchandise created or harvested by a player. You can place a merchant just about anywhere as long as its in a building or a merchant stall, but as in real life, one of the biggest things to think about is location, location, location. And one of the best places to put a merchant is in an established marketplace.

Exodus is interesting because as the server has developed and players have come & gone, there has never really been one main marketplace established like on other Freedom servers. In the early days of the server, there was Exo-mart, a small, central marketplace close to Esert & the spawn point, but it was quickly eclipsed by Exodus Trading Post (ETP), a public market ran with an aggressive marketing campaign by a cartel of players that also provided bulk goods, horses, & just about any item imaginable. The biggest problem with ETP was that it was on the west side of the server, rather than being in a central location. Eventually, both of those deeds fell and the marketplaces were left in a state of disrepair.

Down south, South Exodus Crafters Market (SECM) was founded on a man-made island and quickly gained traction as many players with high crafting skills and high quality products were/are located in the south. To this day, it still exists as the oldest continuous and still active marketplace on Exodus. It’s located very close to the Celebration server border and gets a lot of cross-server traffic, but it’s location down south again limits the number of players from all areas of Exodus from using it to its fullest potential.

Back in central Exodus, two new markets popped up: White Pearl Market, a collection of roadside stalls run by the Pearls alliance, and New Market, a large marketplace for members of New Pineview to sell their wares. While both markets have great locations & merchandise, they’re also private markets or controlled by player alliances – not necessarily a bad thing, but Exodus was still missing a large public central marketplace accessible by both land and water.


Enter Madbananas and Zerobyte. They saw the need for this as well and established Exodus Central Market (ECM) along the main highway in between Esert and one of the main waterways to the east. ECM has a ton of market stalls that are available to the public, as well as a mailbox and an open-air pavilion with altars to all three gods.


My modest contribution to ECM has been teal-painted pointing signs guiding players there from Esert, as well as a shop sign at the market and landscaping along the highway in the area. The highway was originally messed up with odd angles and mismatched tiles, so I took the liberty of fixing the slopes, repaving the highway, and planting trees to make it attractive again. I have a merchant there as well, selling ropes, sails, and other random goods.


There are of course other small local markets on Exodus, as it should be, but over the past few weeks that its been open ECM has been gradually gaining new merchants and there is getting to be a really nice selection of wares there, which makes the trip to the market very worth it. If you’re traveling by water, the closest port is New Freeport to the east- just moor your boat and head west on the highway, you can’t miss it. If you’re at Esert, follow the teal signs to the market, it takes about 3 minutes to walk there and it’s a fairly safe trip.

Happy Wurming!

3 thoughts on “Exodus Central Market

  1. Michael

    I love your wurm coverage and come away from every post with a sense of wonder at how different the game is for you. I’ve tried to start three different times and each time feel so completely lost and confused. Thanks for making want to keep trying to enjoy this wonderfully frustrating world.

    1. Moxie

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it. To be honest, the best thing to do as a new player is to look at the recruitment threads on the Wurm forums and find a village to take you in and show you the ropes, at least starting out. Once you get your bearings, strike out on your own if you’re so inclined. Don’t give up, Wurm can be complex but it’s so, so worth it, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Space Kazz (@SpaceKazz)

    Hello Moxie – sorry to contact you via your blog I wasn’t sure of the best way to ask. I am looking for a few female gamers to take part in an interview (probably a written interview and nothing too time consuming!) about experiences online – I’ve been suckered in to your blog this morning (whilst supposed to be working!) and think you would be a great person for what I’ve got in mind. I don’t want to write war and peace on your page here but if you are interested in finding out more would you drop me an email? eeliskiy@gmail.com. Thanks for your time.


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