Meet the Ladies of Tyria!

Time for the obligatory new character post!

Most folks know that going into GW2 I was completely torn on what characters to play. There are so many great classes and since I took care not to play too much in the BWEs, I didn’t have a specific class that really grabbed me the way that some games in the past have done. However, after a few days of playing and experimenting with different races & classes, I finally settled on my first three characters.

The Main: Bette Starke, Norn Engineer

Y’all, I have never, ever had a desire to play any sort of engineer-ish class in an MMO, much less an engineer as my main. I primarily picked the engineer because they use both rifles and pistols, but as I’ve been leveling her up I’ve fallen in love with the kits. The flamethrower is my absolute favorite thing right now, and the grenades are the bomb-diggety. There’s nothing like wading into a DE while blasting fire, throwing AoE napalm, pelting the mobs with AoE grenades and explosions, and then detonating some turrets. So much fun. She’s currently level 15ish (told you I wasn’t in a hurry) and rocking through Wayfarer Foothills.

Alt #1: Moxie, Asura Elementalist

I originally planned on rolling an Asura Necro and Thief much, much later, but I decided to just go Elementalist instead. I think she’s the cutest little Asura ever, and I adore her animations.

Alt #2: Riley Mcghee, Human Ranger

During my short stint in GW1 I played a human ranger named Riley Mcghee, so this character is her spiritual successor. I’m hoping to get her a pink flamingo pet at some point.

So far I’m totally enthralled with GW2. My favorite thing to do at the moment is running gathering routes around the various zones, which is really, really, strange, but is also nice because I typically jump into whatever dynamic events are going on for added XP and loot. I’m also finding a lot of fun in answering questions in the beginner zones – it seems like the main thing I keep hearing is “How do I level?”. The hearts and dynamic events aren’t exactly the most intuitive system starting out, but once you get used to it, you’re golden.

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