GW2 Collectors Edition Regrets – or No?

A while back I posted about the Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition and how I didn’t think it was worth the price that was being charged. Of course, value for a CE is subjective – lots of people ordered the GW2 CEs and are absolutely loving them. My husband and I both have CEs for classic WoW plus all the expansions, Warhammer Online, Rift, and he has a SWTOR CE, so needless to say we normally are all about these special boxed versions. In this case, we weren’t so psyched about the figurine or the in-game perks, so we skipped it and went for the $60 standard digital versions instead.

However, to support ArenaNet (who has absolutely blown our minds not just with an amazing game but with an outstanding connection to the community) we made our own “Collectors Edition” using the cash we saved by not buying the CEs.

GW2 Digital Download x2: $120

GW2 Full Soundtrack: $30

GW2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide and Map Stand: $30

Extra Character Slots: $40

Gems: $80

Total: $300, the same price as two GW2 CEs, and we’ll certainly get a lot more use out of the gems, slots, soundtrack, and guide than we would the figurine or the in-game items. I still don’t regret not buying the actual Collectors Edition, but we’re more than happy to support ArenaNet for the great experience and service they’ve provided so far.

By the way, that Limited Edition Strategy Guide and Map Stand just arrived today, and they are beautiful! Lots of color, high-quality, and fantastic artwork. Here’s a couple of (admittedly fuzzy) shots I snapped with my phone just a couple of minutes ago.





2 thoughts on “GW2 Collectors Edition Regrets – or No?

  1. Cortical Scrub

    Ohhh. That map thing looks awesome. I didnt purchase the CE either, the digital items in game kinda rubbed me the wrong way (5 days and thats it….). I am probably gonna buy some gems and get one more character slot. After that i am not super interested in anything else…. Yet.


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