My GW2 Home: Sanctum of Rall

I’ve spoken on Twitter about how, on my return to Rift, I rejoined my old Rift guild, Gaiscioch. It’s been a blast being back with them, and even though they are a freakishly huge guild, they feel more like a “family” guild than many of the other smaller guilds I’ve been a part of. We’ve been running lowbie Instant Adventures for the lower-level folks, raid rifts and expert rifts and crafting rifts for the 50s, and they have a ton of dungeon and raid runs going on every night. It really and truly is an amazing group of people and a great guild to call home.

Despite the joy, there’s been some sadness in the guild since I last ran with them. One of the long-time members of the guild, Roger “Oldroar” Rall, passed away suddenly last fall. He just stopped appearing online abruptly, and after about two weeks, our GM and a couple of others started trying to track him down to check on him. They spoke to his wife, who said that he had quietly passed away one night. Of course, the news spread like wildfire in the guild, back to former members/alliance members that had played with him during Warhammer and DAoC, and everyone, even those who had never met him, felt a profound sense of loss.

Oldroar was the kind of guy that set the tone and example for the rest of the guild. In-game, he was a calm and collected PvP leader who led his teams to victory while always acting with honor towards the opposing teams. To the men, he was a mentor and an example of how to be a great husband & father, and how to balance those responsibilities with gaming. To the ladies, he was always a gentleman and treated us as equals, with respect and dignity. He was a grandfatherly figure to the kids in the guild, and he was someone that we all could go to for advice not just on game strategies and problems, but real life problems as well. He encouraged us to follow our dreams, to be better people, and to take the high road when others were not. He was our friend, in the truest sense of the word.

He was also the “Voice of Gaiscioch”… you couldn’t miss that radio voice on vent.

Guild Wars 2 was the game he was most excited about. Oldroar, along with many of the veteran players in Gaiscioch, was an avid PvPer, and after hearing about GW2’s WvW/PvP features, as well as all the other playstyles that would be supported, was leading the charge to get a Gaiscioch chapter opened in GW2, posting news and information as it came out and eventually convincing our leadership to open a branch within Guild Wars 2. More than anything, he was looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2 and to seeing our super-diverse family grow and thrive there.

It was decided that we would hold an in-game/ventrilo memorial for him, not in Rift, but in Guild Wars 2 when it opened – it only seemed appropriate. The date & time had been set, the only remaining question was what server to roll on. Our guild decided to start one final Call to Arms for Oldroar: to try to get a GW2 server named for the man that had been so passionate about the game and had done so much for the guild over the years. We wrote letters and sent emails to ArenaNet, telling them about the person he was, the legacy he has left with us, and how much he adored GW2. We asked them to consider naming a server for Roger, a server that we could call home and continue living out his legacy.

This morning, I heard the news that they are indeed implementing “Sanctum of Rall” as a server. I admit that I cried tears of happiness over this. THANK YOU ArenaNet, for being so awesome. You just made a whole lot of people ecstatically happy. We will do our best to make Sanctum of Rall an amazing home for all playstyles and all players that roll there, just as Oldroar would have wanted.

53 thoughts on “My GW2 Home: Sanctum of Rall

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  2. Grok

    Damn you for making me cry while sitting on the toilet at work! Congratulations on a very fitting memorial for your friend…

  3. Misty

    Excellent post and great read! This reminded me of the players we’ve lost IRL due to unforeseen circumstances, from young to old, and made me appreciate Oldroar. Wish I’d had the opportunity to know him as you all did. Props to you, ArenaNet. I’m proud to play one of your games.

  4. Josh D

    ANet is awesome, really glad they did this for you guys

    My guild just this morning decided to move to sanctum of rall, as our previous server (and choice for a new server) both got cut. Really glad to have picked that server after reading this, and happy know that that there will be lots of good people around to enjoy a great game with for a long time.

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  6. PuppetShowJustice

    That was a really heartwarming read. That makes this server a very special thing indeed. I may have to take up my adventure on Oldroar’s server just to /salute the Gaiscioch community.

  7. MasterElements

    For those Canadians out there, as someone who new him and called him friend and comrade, he was the Jack Layton of Gaiscioch. I am so happy that ArenaNet has decided to give us this as a home, and a memoriel.

  8. ama

    A great post! 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me the great respect ANET has for the community. Makes you proud to be part of this great endeavour!

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  10. Rhinala

    As a GW1 player who is in a wonderful alliance that is about to shift to GW2 i wanted that the new GW2 guild world will have meaning and sanctum of rall sound like a great home server for guild that care about each guild member. i will do my best to convince the alliance leaders to shift to this home server because our previews home server was deleted. Thank you for this wonderful read and thank you Anet for being such a wonderful company, in my opinion one of the last great gaming companies.

  11. Foghladha

    Thank you for telling this story. His legend lives on inside all of us and it’s this passion that will make Sanctum of Rall thrive. Other servers may have a name. Sanctum of Rall has a Legend.

  12. Azrael

    What impresses me most about this man is the effect his passing had on those who knew him. Rarely do people respond so passionately about a “virtual” friend. Props to Arenanet who just gained several levels of class in my book for honoring not just the man but the community who plays their games.

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  14. Ameranth

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story. It’s a testament to what the Guild Wars community is like, and what ANet is like to the community. All in this together.

  15. Raine Hutchens

    I have to say, wow. This is an amazing post. AreaNet is such an awesome developer and they really cater to their fans. First the girl who walked cross-country to their studio gets immortalized in-game and now an entire server is being named after a loving and dear friend, raised by his guildies. This is great. You know, it makes me want to pick up Guild Wars 2 and play on that server, and be the best player I can be to honor Rall’s memory.

    I second Jeg’s post. /salute

  16. theholydragons

    indeed an incredibly touching story, this is a loving community at its best, I wish you all luck with not only the Sanctum of Rall server, but also a game without Roger ”Oldroar” Rall.

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  19. Mickey Herouin

    Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow; I am the diamonds glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain; I am the gentle autumn’s rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the sweet uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the first star that shines at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there. I did not die. Anonymous

  20. Kat

    Sad that such a great friend was lost to those in his guild. And for his family such a great loss in the man he was to you all, husband, dad, grandfather, uncle, brother. I’m sorry for your loss.

    ArenaNet, pure awesomeness and great way to show the community you are truly behind them!

  21. GravenImageRD

    I played on Sanctum of Rall during this BWE and will probably do so at launch. That’s the kind of place I want to call home in an MMO and I’ll strive to make it a happy, friendly, fun place to game.

    Cheers, and good on ArenaNet for this!

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  25. Issildia

    Its seems everyday that I hear about something new and fantastic that Anet is doing for their community. I am an old Guild Wars 1 player, and I’ve been on board for GW2 since it was announced, and I’m glad that after all this time I can be sure that I chose the right game and the right side to stand with. This story brought me to tears, and I will make a point to join the Sanctum of Rall server on launch day.
    To honor the memory of OldRoar, I would like to conclude this in the words of Jora, my favorite Norn companion.

    “We will hunt together again”

  26. Blood and Bones

    Being an “older” gamer myself I can relate to how Oldroar involved himself in, and enjoyed, online gaming. Though I didn’t have the pleasure of partying with him (that I can remember), I share his outlook and hope that his philosophy is adopted by others. R.I.P. Roger.

  27. Hassan

    Amazing dedication to someone who seems so genuine at heart. I am left saddened by this man’s loss, though I did not know him. He would have been someone I’d be honoured to know. A guild I plan to join with the same goals and objectives will be in this server and I am proud to be a part of it. This man also reminds me of someone who is fortunately alive and well, but I rarely see him online; and he is a very wise grandparent figure too. His main character was a Dervish and mine is too, and it looks exactly like his character, he was the inspiration that got me to GWAMM and led the guild we were in and ever since; I’ve followed into his steps. I do indeed hope such personalities give further inspiration to our great Guild Wars community and that we can all use examples of such great people into our future gaming experiences.

  28. Jayvenpup

    Absolutely amazing article 🙂 When I first starting reading it, the song that started playing was A Nearly Peaceful Place from the Witcher 2 soundtrack. It came on randomly and there couldn’t have been a better song to play.

    Infact, I had to stop it while reading since it really made me get emotional!

    Really looking forward to GW2 and our guild is 99% sure that is where we are heading!

  29. Symphus

    It’s nice for once to see only condolences and respectful comments in an article. We would all be so lucky to leave a long lasting mark on our guild mates like this.

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