Show and Tell Time

The renovations to Avonlea Bay are coming along just swimmingly. My order of bricks, mortar, and fence bars was delivered on Sunday, which meant that I could finally rip the old buildings down and get started on the rebuilds. One nifty thing about Wurm is that the seasons change regularly now!



And since I just logged back into Wurm and the daylight is about to break, I think it’s time to take a tour!

The new “front entrance” to the deed. This is an almost exact copy of the old entrance to my former deed on Independence, Cherryglade Farm. It was my inspiration while doing the redesign of the deed – this isn’t Cherryglade Farm 2.0, but it does take a lot of the themes and elements of the old deed and mash them into something that works well in the existing area.

The new workshop, with a working well out front. Originally this was going to be the same level as everything else, but we ended up hitting rock from the mountain behind us and because of water level issues, couldn’t surface mine it down without dragging a boat inland. Instead, we just raised the workshop up, and I actually like it better this way.

The inside of the workshop is nowhere near done. It needs to be completely organized, new workstations need to be built, and the flooring needs to be completed. We’ll pretend we never saw this. Moving on…

Ahhh, The Wild Boar Inn from the bay side! Note the sun coming up over the trees. I took it’s design directly from World of Warcraft, complete with a mailbox out front, kitchen inside, and beds in the back. One day when Rolf gets multi-story buildings in, this will probably become a 2-story building. For now, I’m happy with this. Let’s go inside.

Public Kitchen area. Pretty standard, slightly messy still.

The back area which still needs a lot of work. These will be the inn rooms, with each tile being it’s own enclosed private room with a bed, a lamp, and nightstand. Yes, there is still grass in the inn for now, the floorboards that you see are what remains of the original inn and kitchen. Floorboards will likely be the last thing to get completed. 😉

The meditation garden, located right on the water. The two statues mark our Love and Knowledge meditation tiles. The bench is decorative. I really like this spot.

Here is the new & improved entrance to our silver mine. When I first settled here, this was the first mine that I created, and at the time I was lazy and didn’t bother straightening the tile up before tunneling in, which meant it had been crooked for months. That always bothered me and my slightly OCD perfectionism, so this was a perfect chance to fix it. I learned a very valuable (and pricey) lesson though: When collapsing a mine entrance, you probably need to collapse both the entrance and the tile behind it, otherwise you won’t be able to surface-mine the top because it’ll see it as going “under” an existing tunnel. I ended up spending 5 silver on the inital collapse (that didn’t work), then had to tunnel it out again, shelled out another 10 silver to re-collapse the two tiles, made the fixes to the slopes, and re-tunneled in. Yeah, a Magranon priest would have done it for less. I was impatient.

The breeding horses in their new pens, plus one of the tower guards watching over them.

At some point last week or the week before, as I was lamenting the upcoming de-premiuming of my main, Moxie, Mayrin’s husband Bognus donned his signboard and began preaching about the benefits of being a Vynora priest instead of a Fo priest. He convinced me to give the priest thing one more shot, and as part of that he came over and build a gold altar of Vynora next to the token. Shiny! I’m still a Vynora follower and am trying to get my Faith up so that I can be converted into a priest, but so far I’m much happier – I really didn’t want to give up Moxie as a main.

The boardwalk to Trueknight Haven, Jewelspar, and Independent Settlers – this used to be right on the water, but I like this better. The depth of the water is deeper now compared to the land, so large boats can pull right up to the shore, no problem.

So that’s where we’re at today – everything is coming along great, all that’s left is finishing out the interiors of the buildings. I’m really, really loving the changes, it has completely transformed the feel of the deed and is just a happier and prettier place overall.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to add two new pages to the blog, under the Avonlea Bay header. One is a WurmPlanner map of the deed with a legend that explains all the different areas on the property. The other is our ordinance, or basically our rules while on-deed. I want to eventually add a mine map and maybe merchant/for sale page as well.


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