And the Beat (of work) Goes On

Another day, more improvements! The trees are growing and a couple have already sprouted up close to their full height – another day or two and there should be a little forest going on here. It feels good to restore the natural forest back into the area. I love the nature preserve/park theme that is developing here.

The new fencing has started going in – and no, I skipped the basic wood and stone options in favor of iron fence bars. Iron fence bars take forever to gather and make materials for, but they are class.

Our neighbor Xalorum came up from his Celebration deed today, and I was greatly pleased that he was able to pull his corbita right up to the shore of Avonlea Bay, something that wouldn’t have been possible before due to the shallow water of the old coastline. He also brought me a present.

A lovely champion rat corpse, right in front of the Wild Boar Inn. Gee, thanks Xalo. Guess we’ll be serving up rat stew for the next week. 😉

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