Gettin’ Down & Dirty at the Bay

This weekend was insanely busy for me in Wurm. I got started on the first phase of renovations to Avonlea Bay, filling in the inlet. Which meant that of course I needed lots and lots of dirt. Thankfully my neighbor had oodles of dirt that she cheerfully volunteered to let me have, as long as I picked it up at her place. So began many, many trips back & forth between our two deeds, hauling dirt.

That was the epitome of excitement, I tell ya. At least I did get to finish the first season of Game of Thrones while I was doing this.

But, once it was all finished, I was super-pleased with just how much room it opened up. The next step was to cut down my 10 oak trees (I know, I know, I almost cried, but I did pluck several sprouts off of them before they came down) and destroy the old cobblestone paths to make way for the new traffic pattern. The last step (for now) was plucking & planting tons and tons of sprouts and flowers, and replanting that entire area.

Picture time!


And After:

Of course this is nowhere near finished yet. I still need to build fencing, finish planting, surface-mine part of the mountain next to the storehouse, tear down the old storehouse and build a bigger workshop, tear down the old inn and kitchen, and build a new-and-improved inn (bigger, with a built in kitchen and separate “rooms”). That’s Phase 1.

Phase 2 will be even more ambitious.

See the vertical line of buildings on the left? That’s on the mountainside, which means a LOT of surface mining before I can even get started on the actual construction. The large building at the bottom of the image will be the mountainside manor, overlooking the bay and the rest of the deed, and a little pen for animals – maybe some deer. The other little buildings will be guest homes, or homes for other citizens, should we start recruiting again at some point in the future. Also note the pier at the bottom right. That will extend all the way out to the clay pit in the bay – no more boating clay in, and it’ll give us more space to park the big ships that my husband and villagers are working on.

After all of this, my villagers have requested a colossus. We’ll see how it goes after finishing all these projects. πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Down & Dirty at the Bay

  1. Mayrin

    Wow, I can’t believe how much room you managed to fill in there! Very nice! πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait to see the guest houses – it looks like an awesome plan!


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