Bitten by the Wurm. Again.

Last night, I logged back into Wurm for some serious playtime for the first time in probably two months. I had been reading about the changes to animal disease that have gone in, and wanted to check & make sure my horses, who are not on enchanted grass anyway, were still alive and kicking. Good news: They were! Bad news: I really have too many horses. I decided it would be best to thin the herd… I don’t need so many males, and many of the females that I’ve been using for breeding purposes have outlived their use. So I took out my four best males (one of each color) & set them aside for use as studs. Then I went through and reserved my best females for future breeding, and all the rest were taken to the secondary pen on the deed. Those horses are for sale at discount prices if you live on Exodus, and are mostly a lot of really nice 4-speed trait males and some 3-speed trait females.

Going along with that, the reduced number of horses means that I can rework their pens. I’ve never been really happy with the front of Avonlea Bay, so I’m reducing the number of horse pens from 8-3×6 fields to 4-4×6 fields. That’ll open up some space, and I’ll likely fill in at least part of the inlet as well. I haven’t yet decided exactly what I’m going to do there, but I’m excited about the possibilities. Looks like I’ll be firing up WurmPlanner once again!

The other big change that I’m going to make is cutting back to just one premium character. For a while now I’ve run two characters: my main, Moxie, who has high skill levels in Digging, Tailoring, Masonry, and other crafting skills, and my alt Lyric, who is a Fo priest and has high Animal Husbandry and is very close to being able to Enchant Grass through meditation. Realistically, I don’t think I’ll ever use the Fo skills, as Genesis is still somewhat bugged, which means that players are usually skeptical about horses that have had Genesis cast on them, and the only other noteworthy skill that Fo has is Courier, which is nice, but… it’s basically making mailboxes. Not a huge thrill there.

Choosing which character to drop came down to whether I wanted to re-level Animal Husbandry & Meditation or Tailoring & Masonry… and I would much, much rather re-level Tailoring & Masonry, sad as that may seem. With sleep bonus, I can skill up Tailoring quickly, and Masonry will come as I work more on the deed. So, Avonlea Bay will be passed over to Lyric, and Moxie’s premium time will not be renewed when it runs out later this month. I don’t plan on selling that account, it will just be put on ice for an indefinite period of time.

Now the only thing left that I would love to do would be to be able to rename my deed for a fee. It’s far, far too large for me to disband and re-deed, but I’d definitely pay 10s or so to rename it. Pretty please, Rolf? 🙂

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