Mists of Pandaria Log-On Music

You already know that I’m a bit of a music fiend when it comes to World of Warcraft, so seeing this come through from MMO-Champion just made my day.


It obviously has that soothing, calming Pandaria flavor for the first 30 seconds or so… but after that, the original classic theme is in the house! This makes me a very happy Panda indeed!

The rest of the piece is nice, it blends Pandaria-themed music with a few old favorites representing old Azeroth, and clocks in at 8 minutes long in total. That’s shorter than the Wrath of the Lich King main title (just under 9 minutes) and the whopper of a Cataclysm main title (just over 12 minutes), but really I think it’s fine. They hit all the major themes – Azeroth, Pandaria, and the conflict between Horde and Alliance, and the way that they blended the different pieces makes it feel new and fresh without completely losing sight of what Warcraft IS.

Lets hope that bodes well for the actual expansion.


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