Time for the Newbie Blogger Initiative!

It’s May 1st, and that means it’s time for the Newbie Blogger Initiative, or NBI for the acronymically-inclined! The Wild Boar Inn is a proud sponsor blog this year, and I’m so excited about participating as a sponsor blog for the event.

Syp from Bio Break has coordinated this fantastic event for us this month. If you enjoy reading gaming blogs and think it might be fun to start one yourself, you’re in for a treat. Over 70 established gaming bloggers have agreed to participate this year, so this is your chance to learn from some of the best bloggers in the community.

Here’s how it will work:

During the month of May, all of the sponsor blogs will write about advice, tips, and tricks for starting and maintaining your own gaming blog. All of these advice articles will be collected into one list at the NBI website so that you can easily check all of them out as the month progresses. We’ll also be available on the NBI forums so that we can get to know the new bloggers, answer questions, and give specific advice when needed.

All you need to do as a new blogger is to register at the NBI website as a newbie blogger and start your blog using whatever blogging platform you prefer. You can have a blog dedicated to one particular game or a general gaming blog, with any kind of niche you like. If you have any questions on how to start a blog or if you need advice, ask away on the NBI forums, we’ll be there to help!

From that point forward, we’ll be cheering you on! What you as a new blogger will get out of this, in addition to the advice articles, is an immediate audience for your blog, additional blog traffic, and links to your blog throughout the blogging community. It’s a best-case scenario for starting a gaming blog, and we love hearing new voices, so it’s a win-win situation all-around!

And if starting a blog is something that you’ve always thought about doing, let me encourage you to give it a try, at least during the month of May, to see how you like it. You don’t have to be a former English major or a freelance writer in order to blog, and you don’t have to blog every day. The only real prerequisite is having a passion (and opinions! opinions are good!) about gaming. Syp encouraged me to give it a shot two years ago, and not only has it been a wonderful creative outlet, but I’ve met so many wonderful people in the gaming community through blogging. It’s totally worth it!

I want to meet you next! So head on over to the NBI forums, get registered, and get started! Cheers!

NBI Sponsor Blogs: Games and Geekery, The Wild Boar Inn, MMO Fallout, Tastes Like Battle Chicken, Grimnir’s Grudge, Roll One Hundred, Dragonchasers, Ardwulf’s Lair, Inventory Full, Jaded Alt, Ark’s Ark, Tremayne’s Law, Blog de la Burro, Just One MMOre, DocHoliday’s MMO Saloon, High Latency Life, MMO Gamer Chick, Skycandy, Nomnom.info, Hunter’s Insight, Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle, Berath’s Brain Burps, Epic Slant, Bullet Points, Professor Beej, Journeys with Jaye, Screaming Monkeys, Welcome to Spinksville, Vicarious Existence, Casual is as Casual Does, Star Shadow, I Have Touched The Sky, The Ancient Gaming Noob, Just One More Unlock, A Ding World, Yeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love In, Stropp’s World, Kill Ten Rats, The Jedi Gambit, Beau Hindman, Blue Kae, Gankalicious, Live Like a Nerd, Casual Stroll to Mordor, Tish Tosh Tesh, Casting a Shaddoe, A Green Mushroom, ALT:ernative, Parallel Context, ETCmmo, Avatars of Steel, Tales of the Aggronaut, West Karana, Contains Moderate Peril, The Stories of O, Levelcapped, LOTRO Fashion, Mr. Meh’s Supplication, Malchome’s Mind/Restokin, Nerdy Bookahs, T.R. Red Skies, Wadstomp, Scary Worlds, will update as more sponsors are added!

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