Gaming Update!

Howdy friends! It’s been a while since my last post, as I’ve been busily studying away and it’s cut into my blogging time. However gaming has still been happening as I’ve been able to squeeze it in, so let see what’s going on!


Things have been busy in Wurm. My most notable accomplishment has been getting my animal husbandry skill to 50, which then led to this:

Finally, after months of working on AH, my first home-bred 5 speed trait horse! It was a little brown foal, and a day or two later, a second foal with the same traits was born from a different pair of horses, this time a female. They’ll make a great breeding pair for the future, and I should have more 5-speed trait foals born soon as well.

I also hit 50 tailoring, so I’ve been busily churning out sails and meditation rugs when I’m not busy with the horses. I also managed to catch a wild boar the other day and penned it in next to (what else?) the Wild Boar Inn. He just needs to be fed a bit of meat each day, and he should be good to go.

I bought some excellent dyes in various colors from a fellow player and started coloring the lamps at Avonlea Bay, so now at night the place lights up in shades of green, red, and purple. It’s pretty! As my husband gets more lamps made, we’ll just keep adding them until it’s all lit up like a Christmas tree. Right now the current color scheme reminds me a bit of Mardi Gras.

We’ve been having fun with creature spawns in the area – sometime in the last week or two we got both a troll and a goblin spawn in the area, so we’ve been organizing hunting parties to make the woods a bit safer. The highlight was taking out a champion troll last week – it took four of us plus the strategic use of some tower guards, but we got him!

Sometime soon I should hit level 7 on the meditation Path of Love, which means I’ll be able to enchant grass for my livestock, which will be very helpful. Can’t wait!


I’ve been spending most of my WoW time leveling Archaeology. It’s been a bit grindy, but hey, I’m used to grindy these days, and I managed to get a neat little pet (Voodoo Figurine) and a novelty item, Ancient Amber, which of course locks you into a block of amber for five minutes. As a friend said last night, perhaps sometime in the future they’ll be able to extract my DNA and bring me back. Maybe they’ll even put me in a theme park!

Also, Children’s Week started yesterday. For those of you that follow the World Event achievements, Children’s Week also has the controversial achievement School of Hard Knocks. Non-PvPers hate it, and PvPers hate all the non-PvPers in their battlegrounds trying to get the achievement, so it’s not necessarily a pleasant week. I managed to get that achievement by the skin of my teeth a couple of years ago on a different character, and I after that I swore that I would never, ever do it again, so I’m skipping it this year. Since rumor has it that achievements are supposedly going to be account-wide with Mists of Pandaria, I’m putting all my eggs in that basket and hoping that it’ll be a mute point anyway.


Since everybody and his brother has been playing the beta, I should address it here. No, I haven’t yet pre-purchased it. I already know that I’m going to play it, so I’m avoiding the beta at all costs. While I enjoy betas, I have a tendency to overplay them, which I think leads to burnout at launch. Instead, I’m sitting this one out and trying to stay away from the hype for now, and at launch, I’ll just go into it completely fresh. I did the same with SWTOR, and while it wasn’t really the game for me in the long run, I was completely surprised at how much I did enjoy it. I will say that from what I’m hearing so far, GW2 sounds like it’ll be a solid game, and probably much more my cup of tea than SWTOR ever was.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow is the beginning of a very special blogging event, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!


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