She Works Hard for the Money

Yesterday was a good day in Wurm.

Like so many sandbox MMOs, the economy is what in many ways makes Wurm tick. Sure, you can play without making items to barter or sell, but given the huge variety, complexity, and admittedly unforgiving grind of skills in Wurm, most players get a little experience in almost everything but choose to specialize in one or two skills. It works out well for the most part – just like in the real world, people barter or trade for items that they need for convenience.

The Wurm economy tends to fluctuate. Some crafters are steadily busy, others have business that’s more cyclical. Prices too can move up and down depending on the server, what players are playing on each server, how many skilled players are trying to corner the market, and even the time of day. Since Wurm has so many players across the globe, the community members present on any given server may be drastically different between 8pm and 8am. Peak times don’t really exist in Wurm – the population is fairly consistent at all times of day or night, though the players are usually different.

The two skills that I focus primarily on are Animal Husbandry and Tailoring, and the combination of the two works out nicely. AH is a nice “set it and forget it” skill. I groom all of my animals once or twice a day to improve my skill level, check for new foals, and mate any pairs that need mating. The skill itself takes a long time to level, even when using sleep bonus, and it goes through cycles as far as actually selling the offspring. I can go for several weeks without selling any horses – and then suddenly I have a multitude of customers that are buying out the stalls. Of course, AH is a tricky beast as well – if you sell breeding pairs, those customers are likely going to be breeding their own horses from that point forward, so repeat business isn’t all that common.

Tailoring on the other hand is fairly steady. Sheets and sails are consistent sellers, as long as I can keep them on my merchant. My margins are lower on tailoring items, but it’s a nice trickle of income.

Still, there are dry spells, and then there are times when it seems like everybody and his cousin needs items. Last night was the latter. By the time all was said & done, I had sold 10 horses and 4 sails in one night, which is huge and REALLY unusual. I spent most of the night doing deliveries around the server and juggling too many PMs to count, but I also almost made enough in one night to pay the upkeep on our deeds for a month. But more than the monetary gains, it felt really, really good to see these skills that I’ve worked on for so long finally start being useful. I can actually make things that are desired by other players, and while I don’t intend on ever being “rich” in Wurm or setting specific monetary goals, it’s nice to know that I can contribute to the server economy now.

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