Noblegarden is Here!

Noblegarden kicks off today in World of Warcraft! I hope that my fellow WoW players are all enjoying sitting in the newbie areas camping… er, I mean searching for eggs! I’m trying for the new springstrider (or as I call it, the spring chicken) mount this year. 😉

I also want to say hello to any new readers that may come this way via the Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt! We’re pleased as punch that you’re here, and hope you have fun hunting for our Noblegarden egg. 🙂

Just a reminder that this coming week is Developers Appreciation Week, hosted by Scary at I have a very special post coming in the next day or two as a shout out to Blizzard. I’ll also be featuring a post to a dev team near and dear to my heart, CodeClub AB, later in the week. 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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