The Grove of Telardius

A few months ago, we had a young traveler stop by Avonlea Bay. His name was Telardius, and he was brand new to Wurm, only a couple of days old, and asked if we had any spare meals. We got him fed and stocked with a few basic supplies, and then he asked if we knew of any place in the area that he could build a small house to use as a base camp while he settled in to the game.

As it so happened, we did have a perfect place – a little knoll behind Avonlea Bay where, way back when Exodus launched, a handful of other players had started setting up and then abandoned. There was still a forge, a barrel, and a BSB there, a little iron mine nearby, and it was close enough to AB that he could drag aggressive creatures over to our guards, but far enough away that he wasn’t right on our doorstep.

Before we agreed to this though, we did quiz him a bit about what he wanted to do in-game. We have a nice forest in the area, and I wasn’t too pleased about the prospect of a new player coming in and doing serious clear-cutting. To our delight it turned out that he was a kindred soul: interested in farming and forestry, just wanting a small house with a lot of trees around it, and more than willing to learn how to pick sprouts and replant trees as he consumed them for resources.

So we got him set up – planned his cabin (which he named The Forester’s Lodge), equipped him with a sickle and seeds, and showed him how to pick sprouts and replant. He was a fun and cheerful member of our community, and while he was there he started planting trees all around the area.

After a couple of weeks, he decided he wanted to strike out on his own and find a deed somewhere, and ended up settling somewhere on the north end of the server. It was with sadness that we helped him pack up his stuff, but at the same time, I was happy – he had learned a TON about the game in two weeks, and was well on his way to being a great Wurm player.

The Forester’s Lodge sat empty and unused for a long time, eventually rotting away. I just recently decided to do something with that area. We needed a road leading to our lead mine and to the neighboring Medway Plantation, but the road would cut right through that knoll, which just felt weird, like paving paradise and putting in a parking lot.

After giving it some thought, I knocked the remainder of the rotting fence sections and barrels down, and built the road. But, I also planted more trees, and more trees, and more trees. Now the small area of trees that Telardius started is a growing into a massive cedar grove.

The plan is to continue planting cedar sprouts at least until I hit the perimeter of Medway to the north, and then continue planting cedars all along the road. The area where the Forester’s Lodge was will also be covered in trees… I think he would approve.

Since the edge of my deed is in this forest, I saved one tile to place a nymph statue, named The Grove of Telardius, along with a silver lamp that automatically comes on at dusk. It’s a bit eerie, walking through this forest and seeing the statue and the light in the middle of the grove at night, but I love it. Now it’s both practical AND pretty, and a nice little landmark in observation of a little bit of area history.

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