If You Like It, You Should Put a Deed On It

Yes, I bought another Wurm deed. No, I’m not insane.

See, when I first started playing Wurm about a year ago, I was walking from the spawn point on Independence to the far NE corner of the map. Along the way I passed a ton of deeds, marvelling at all of them and the fact that everything was completely player-made. Somewhere along the way, I passed by one deed that particularly caught my eye. After cresting the top of a great, moss-covered hill, you could look down into the valley and see what seemed like hundreds of cattle and horses. As I trotted down the hill, this particular settlement had placed a small courtyard in the middle of the highway, with altars to each god, a mailbox, and beautiful but eerie pink & purple lights. The deed was fenced in with both walls and buildings and locked up tight with no way in or out, and surrounded by forest so it was hard to really tell what else was in there, but for me that added to the mystery. I walked past it several more times over the next few months, eventually finding out that it’s name was Twilight Sanctuary.

Of course, I ended up deeding on Indy and later Exodus, but a couple of weeks ago I created a new freebie alt on Indy so that I could walk back up to the NE and see friends that are still living there. Along the way, I saw Twilight Sanctuary again… the buildings were down and the animals were gone, and my wheels started turning. For the first time I could walk inside to check it out. It was obviously set up for breeding & farming, with 2 huge 9×12 pens. There was an area uphill where the main workshop once stood with 4 other smaller pens surrounding it, another area which looked like it contained several player houses, and a huge mine with iron, copper, lead, and tin.

All of the fences were still intact – most were 40-50ql so they weren’t going down anytime soon. There were three 50ql forges, one 40ql oven, two looms, beds galore, BSBs, FSBs, coffins, a well, the works really, and all completely deedable, close to a major port, and within sailing/walking distance to Freedom Market.

I couldn’t pass it up.

So I have dual citizenship now – one deed on Indy, one major deed plus two mine deeds on Exo. I’ve been doing a little work on the new deed (named Brookshire) and it’s been interesting. My other deeds have all been made from scratch, but this experience of taking over an abandoned deed has been interesting as I’m making minor modifications to make it my own while still keeping it in the spirit of it’s former self. Mostly I’ve just been opening up a couple of pathways – my pet peeve is one-tile walkways with fences on either side, so I bashed some walls down and rebuilt them a tile away so that the paths are open & airy now. I pushed the forges, ovens , and some of the guest house beds onto the old house pad, and I’ll build my home/workshop on that same spot, though it’ll be a bit larger than the original. That’s really all I have to do there, which is fantastic! My plan is to move my main there to work on animal husbandry, farming, cooking, and meditation, while taking the alt back to Exodus since I have villagers there that can assist in all the tasks that she can’t do.

This event is what inspired yesterday’s post. If I had been a new player, this spot would have been perfect – there were so many resources available and items already made, so getting set up would only take a few days as opposed to a few weeks. I suppose there are those that would say that moving into the wilderness and getting set up on your own is more fun, and I can totally see that, I’ve done it twice before. But for players that really just want to jump in and hit the ground running, abandoned areas are definitely the way to go.

So that’s where I’m at in Wurm. If you’re on the Independence server, feel free to stop by Brookshire and say hello. ๐Ÿ™‚

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