Every Day I’m Transmoggin’

I have to admit that the Mists of Pandaria information that has been floating about this week did get me unexpectedly amped up about World of Warcraft again. While I still regard Blizzard and their business decisions with a healthy dose of cynicism, Azeroth itself holds many, many fond memories for me. Playing WoW is a bit like riding a bike. Sure, cars are more technologically superior and air conditioned, but biking is it’s own kind of fun – and of course you never quite forget how to ride.

This probably seems like an odd time to jump back into WoW. There are no other content patches scheduled until Mists comes out, so most folks have cleared whatever raid content they’re going to clear, obtained whatever gear they’re going to get, and are bored and possibly taking breaks. This is actually perfect timing for me – with the raid & gear races over for the most part, I can relax, enjoy the ride and run any necessary group content with the alts of other players.

I didn’t want to go back to my Dwarf Priest though. I had played her since launch and since I have no desire whatsoever to heal (or to be asked to heal) anymore, it was time for her to retire to a life of slumming through the taverns in Stormwind. I remembered that I had a little level 80 gnome mage that I used to enjoy, with her Mirror Image cloning spell and big bombastic sparkly powers. I ran her for a few days but just wasn’t feeling the gnome thing. I’m a dwarf at heart. So I paid for a race change (Dwarf Mage!) and, while I was at it, a server change to a hopping RP realm, Wyrmrest Accord. So far it’s been a good decision: I fell into a friendly mid-size casual guild, there are tons of people bustling in the main cities and leveling through Azeroth, & RP is easy to find.

My priorities this time around are very different. I’m working on getting her to 85, but I’m also wanting to run plenty of old dungeons for some sweet transmogrification items. I’d also like to level her crafting without going completely broke, and get her a few new pets & mounts for the time being. Since pets are going to be account-wide with MoP, and achievements aren’t too far behind, I’m not going to sweat that too much. And maybe, if I get time, I’ll do a little Archaeology.

Last night I was able to pick up my most favored and treasured staff in the game, the Staff of the Redeemer. I carried it on my Priest all during TBC, and now I can actually wear it again! It works surprisingly well for an Arcane Mage. What used to be a tremendously long and difficult quest chain in TBC is, at 80+, still a tremendously long quest chain, but it’s completely solo-able so I was able to complete it fairly quickly. Somehow I doubt that my quest for great armor options will be over so soon.

So yes, while I didn’t foresee this turn of events, I’m rather enjoying this round of Azeroth. What about you? What games have you unexpectedly jumped back into and enjoyed, long after you thought you were finished with them?

1 thought on “Every Day I’m Transmoggin’

  1. scarybooster

    I’m gameless right now. I couldn’t stand WoW last time I was in it. I spent 6 years playing it and the magic is gone. I might boot up GW1 or play more ME3 idk. I’m in a gaming funk till the shinie new stuff comes out


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