Sharing the Sandbox

Last night, my neighbor, who owns a huge 21×81-tile deed, asked for help. He’s been working on getting it going for a few weeks now, but as with any deed that large, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The enjoys building, but the design and concept of the deed is what he kept getting stuck on, as when he originally founded the location and named the deed, he had in mind a particular old plantation in South Carolina. It’s not open to the public, so he only had photos to work with, and as he was sharing those with me last night, I began to get excited. I love designing deeds that have that old country estate feel to them, and I quickly began to visualize exactly what features would go where and how we could replicate the photos in Wurm.

We agreed that I would do the design for him, and I’m actually almost finished with the first draft, which I hope to show him tonight for feedback. If I get his permission to share the design, I’ll post it here, along with the original photos for comparison! As of right now, it includes a huge mansion in the woods surrounded by oak trees, tiered working fountains with roses, a formal garden, 4 guesthouses, a lakeside lodge next to the water, horse stables, a large workshop/storage area, 80 farm tiles, pasture, a double-lined oak avenue, two vineyards, a guard tower, a nifty L-shaped terrace, plus plenty of untouched forest left around so that it retains that private, woodsy feel . Nothing too ambitious, right?

Is it a bit odd that my current MMO gaming experience actually incorporates more elements of landscape design than combat and raiding? Maybe so, it’s still very much a massively multiplayer online gaming experience. This will likely end up being a community project, as the sheer size & scope of the deed would make the build-out difficult for just one or two people. The process of designing and building deeds is easily what I enjoy most about Wurm, so I’m completely psyched about getting to help with this project.

In other news… congrats to Stargrace on her new position on the Wurm Community Assistant Team!! We’re so excited to have you on board!! If you haven’t seen Stargrace’s posts about Wurm at her MMO blog,, you should definitely stop by and check them out. You can also follow her on Twitter at @Stargrace.


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