Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay…

Although it’s been a while since I’ve talked about daily Wurm life here, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy! On the contrary, Avonlea Bay has been through a ton of construction projects lately, and it’s finally getting to a point where all of the major projects are done and while there are a few things still left to do, they’re relatively minor. I think it’s time for an update!

This is a view of Avonlea Bay from the mountain that contains our silver mine. The mine entrance is under those willow trees in the front, and they cover up the ugliness of the mine entrance. The inlet was a naturally occuring inlet, although I’ve pulled tiles up out of the water on either side to make it longer, and I’m in the process of dredging out the bottom so that large boats can sail in. You’ll note all the pine and cedar trees surrounding the area – while the forest has always been there, we’ve purposefully planted even more trees on the deed, to support future shipbuilding efforts. The 8 main 3×6 farm and horse fields are practically waterside, and we’re proud to say that we finally have 11 good breeding pairs on-deed, so we should have a steady stream of foals from this point forward. Avonlea Bay was built on a moderate slope, so we terraformed it into three separate tiers, surrounded by forest to the right and a forested mountain on the left.

These are the newest buildings at the deed. To the right is the Pig & Pheasant, our food storage and cooking facility, with two ovens, a food storage bin, and storage barrels. To the left is the Wild Boar Inn (yes, the blog’s namesake), with beds that are open for all to use to build sleep bonus. Towering behind them is the labor of love that took me nearly a week to build…

Our guard tower! Guard towers take an enormous amount of materials which have to be collected, made into building parts, and then applied, one-by-one, to the tower. It took a long time but it’s so worth it… it looks eerily cool at night with the light bouncing off of it, almost Sleepy-Hollowish. To the right of the tower is where we’ve started leveling ground for a future shipbuilding facility.

Our courtyard, with a great oak! Again, this lights up beautifully at night. Notice the stone wall along the top, and the paths going up each side? That takes us up to the 2nd tier…

A large pen for horse and cattle overflow. šŸ˜‰ This tier was terraformed on an angle due to the geography of the ridge in the back. In order to preserve the wooded feel of the deed, we’ve implemented a checkerboard pattern on the tiles, alternating crops and trees so that the horses can eat in the shade. Eventually we want to turn those crop tiles into enchanted grass, which will make this area maintenance-free.

Also on the 2nd tier, on the mountain side, we’ve been busy planting apple and lemon sprouts for orchards! Due to the slope of the mountain and shallow dirt layer this area wasn’t conducive to terraforming and development, so it was perfect for orchards. Cherry trees occur naturally in the area, so on the 2nd tier we cut down 2/3 of those cherries and put in the lemons & apples instead, all the way up the mountain. Apple cider and lemonade, here we come!

On the 3rd tier, we have several things going on. Here is my husband’s area and building project-in-progress, Avonlea Bay Ironworks. The entrance to the iron mine is on the left and the building is outfitted with multiple forges, bulk storage bins, and whatever else he needs for smithing projects. He planted maple trees (his favorite) all around.

This is the beginning of the Avonlea Bay Vineyard… we’ve planted lots of grape sprouts this week. As those mature we’ll start cutting trees down (storing the logs for future projects) and putting out even more grapevines until it’s completely full. There’s also a brown bear that decided to come over for dinner. šŸ˜‰

This area is a bit hard to see, but it’s the living area for our two villagers. They also enjoy breeding and keeping animals, so in addition to a spacious house & yard area and nearby well, we set them up with 4 large animal and farm pens. As a side note, our neighbor Gallo actually did most of the terraforming on this top tier, making it perfectly level and ready for our development. This was no small task… thanks pal! šŸ™‚

All along the edge of the third tier are iron fence sections. I love these because as you’re walking down the paths, you can look down at the rest of the deed & even see the water and ships down front. It’s lovely, though I had a hard time capturing it in a screenshot.

All in all, it’s been a very busy month or so for us. Now that the building projects are winding down, we’re looking forward to really working on our crafting skills and actually producing items that will be useful to others!

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