R.E.A.P.ing Sprouts

As new players start their time in Wurm, they all start from a specific spawn point on each server: The Howl on Independence, Green Dog on Deliverance, or Esert on Exodus. They usually get started by practicing the skills they learned in the tutorial: terraforming, chopping trees, making tools, maybe even trying their hand at making a cart or a small house. Over time, the heavy demand on trees can cause the starter areas to become barren, and since sickles are not included with a new player’s starter tool set, they are not able to replant as they go. Such was the case on the Exodus server, where all the trees surrounding Esert had been chopped down, leaving new players to have to walk a very long way past dangerous creatures to try to find any choppable trees to get started.

For the Exodus community, this just wouldn’t do. So yesterday, players from across the server, led by BobMcKnob, came together to replant the area and hand out sickles to those that needed it. The event, called R.E.A.P. (Reforest Esert Area Project) was an in-game version of an Arbor Day event. Many players had been collecting and stockpiling tree sprouts from their own areas of Exodus for the past two weeks or so, and brought them over to Esert for replanting. It was an all day event, and some players brought as many as 650 sprouts to plant. There was also a treasure hunt to finish out the night, including prizes like a sailboat and ultra high-quality sickles.

I was there early in the day so my screenshots don’t show everything that was planted – still, the results are impressive – I can’t wait to visit Esert again in a week or so to see how the sprouts are growing. Seeing players taking pride in their server and coming together to make the starter experience better for new players is a wonderful thing, and a phenomena unique to Wurm.

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