Ding Dong, the Kyklops is Dead…

He didn’t stand a chance.

Uniques in Wurm are truely that – unique. Each new server spawns with 4 dragons, a troll king, a goblin leader, and a kyklops as unique world bosses. Once they’re dead, they’re gone – they don’t respawn ever (at least on the Freedom servers), which means that the raids are a true world event on each server.

Players who participated in the fight gained the title “The Giantslayer”. It was the first time I had participated in a world boss kill, and it was a ton of fun. Players from the Independence, Deliverance, and Exodus servers began gathering at the town of Tristan on the Deliverance server yesterday afternoon, even though the fight wasn’t set to kick off until 10am CST today. Horses were found, weapons were made, food and healing covers were prepared, and the excitement built.

An hour before the event was to start, there were 70+ people in Local. By the time the wagons rallied and players started heading to the forest that held the kyklops’ lair, there were 100+ people online.

It was decided that the best thing to do was to fight the kyklops on a nearby sand patch, so everyone moved into position there and waited for Xallo and Alyeska (the event organizers) to lure the kyklops out of the forest.

Now, the tricky thing about unique kills is that if there are too many players in an area, it becomes impossible to hit the mob. So, many people (mostly those with low fight skill) ran in to attempt to hit the mob once or twice (for the title) and then backed off for the remainder of the fight so that the more experienced fighters could take him down.

The kyklops self-heals itself so it was a difficult fight (and it was made more difficult by the crowd of people), but after about 30 minutes or so he finally went down! Afterwards we all met back at the docks for prize drawings and fun. A big Thank You goes to Xallo and Alyeska of the Exodus server for coordinating the event and directing the fight, and all of the players from various servers that donated prizes for the drawings!

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