A Surprise

The other night I logged onto Wurm and my ally/next-door neighbor Gibraltar messaged me almost instantly.

“HEY! I have a surprise for you!”

I puttered around the deed a bit while he came over… and then I followed him to the front coastline of the deed. His big ship was sitting out in front of our little harbor, just outside my deed line, and we started swimming to the boat, I realized what he had done.

He’s been terraforming his place, and he loaded up all the dirt that he excavated and dropped it on a 2×2 portion of the clay patch underneath the water in front of my deed, raising it up out of the water and making it accessible! He then built a fence around it, so that it would be easier to spot by passing boats. I was (and still am) THRILLED with this, as up to this point we’ve had to sail about 10 minutes in either direction to get to a clay spot.

Gib, THANK YOU!! You rock, sir. 🙂

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