Spiders. Why Does It Always Have to be Spiders?

A few days ago, Wurm Online pushed out a brand new patch – one that will lay the groundwork for more game polish. This included a new UI and proximity voice chat, but the real big news is the introduction of collada animation support, which will allow Wurm to add new models and animations to the game.

One fantastic place to see what is coming down the pike is this whopper of a forum thread that is updated by the Art Team on a regular basis.They’ve been hard at work creating new art and updating the look of various models in the game – some items are in game already, like the recently updated forges and guard towers.

New animal and human models are also in progress… the wolves and horses look good, but the absolute best (or worst, depending on your point of view) model changes I’ve seen so far are the spiders.

If you need me, I’ll be hiding in a spider-proof room, thanks. Those models are extremely creepy and extremely cool – I already get cold chills looking at them, and I definitely see myself jumping out of my skin when I come across them in dark mines.

There are animations in the works as well – here’s a couple that have been shown so far:


Something Big!

If these sneak peeks are any indication, there are a ton of graphical improvements in store for Wurm. Kudos to the Art Team for all their efforts in making Wurm a more pleasant (and more scary) place to inhabit!

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