Wurm Rage

The best thing about Wurm Online is the sense of community – and yet that can also be the worst thing as well. The past 24 hours in Wurm have been evidence of a very ugly side of the community – a side which thankfully doesn’t rear it’s head very often, but when it does it’s enough to make you want to throw something.

Last night a certain player was A. harrassing a citzen of our community, claiming that he stole items from his friend’s house, and B. killing almost all the horses that belonged to another neighbor in the area. He confessed to his deeds today, in a very arrogant way that made it apparent to everyone that he is a griefer and is proud of it. We are reporting this incident to the GMs to see if anything can be done, of course. It just goes to show that when you have put weeks and months of work into a project (in this case, my neighbor’s horse stock, which takes time and patience to breed the correct traits into the bloodlines), to see all of your efforts come crashing down in one night is killer. Even though the horses belonged to one settlement, our entire community is feeling the rage at the griefer.

Of course, the flip side to that is that in Wurm, when something bad happens to one player, other players rally around the victim. In this case, the griefer is being placed as KoS (Kill On Sight) at the deeds in the area. One neighbor even disbanded his deed so that he could move further down and expand his deed for a greater kill area. The few remaining horses that weren’t killed have been moved to my deed, and they will soon have their very own home on deeded land at Avonlea Bay. We’ll start breeding some of my stock with hers so that she can get the herd growing again and get the good traits re-introduced.

This is what I really love about Wurm. Even though bad things can happen, it doesn’t have to be the way the story ends.

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