Gnome More! Make It Stop!

Each December, Wurm Online, like most MMOs, offers up a unique, one-time-only item to it’s premium members as a holiday gift. The most recent gift item was a Clay Garden Gnome. Since I was busy TORing it up over the holidays, I missed out on getting my free gnome, but last night I purchased my very own gnome from another player.

Aw, look at it. Isn’t it cute? His red hat glows like a lamp!

He sings too.


“How will we know, when Wurm gets no snow,
How will we know, when it’s time,
When warriors put down their swords and cooks make extra food.
And the little bear just dances in the wood.
Happy Christmas to all Wurmians from Rolf and the entire team! Ho Ho Ho!”

Okay, it’s a folk country Christmas song, which is unique in and of itself in the MMO world. It’s also heard by anybody in Local, and it blasts about 300% louder than anything else in game. Last night I put the gnome in my house and started the music. My neighbor, nearly 100 tiles away, said that he was in his RL kitchen when this started blaring out of his PC speakers, freaking him out totally.

Best silver I’ve ever spent.

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