Into Low Gear

Pretty much anyone who has ever gone through the Wurm tutorial has probably expressed a bit of confusion over learning how to climb. The tutorial itself has you toggle climbing on in order to ascend a relatively low hill – really more of a speed bump than a true hill. It seems overly complicated and inconvenient to have to “shift into low” to go up a hill.

This, however, is what climbing is made for:

That, my fiends, is a player-made ladder. Climbing is really to help you scale hills that would be realistically unwalkable. Unfortunately, you can only climb for so long until you run out of energy, and when you run out, you will likely fall to a very quick death. Enter the fence segments above. Players will on occasion haul rock shards up and build fence sections that function as ledges to “rest” on while climbing the hill. You can climb from one ledge to the next, resting in between, until you finally get to the top. While I’ve often heard of these fence ladders, I had never actually ascended one, until tonight!

Good thing I’m not *too* afraid of heights.

This is about halfway up. It was at this point that I remembered that I had some of my best quality tools on me and I realized that I REALLY did not want to risk dying up there. As much as I would have loved to have kept going… I was quite ready to take that risk.

But look at the view!

Well okay, that’s not much of a view. Try this!

That’s better! You can just barely see the little inlet that leads into my deed on the right, and a nice view of the bay. These ladders are incredibly helpful when a server first opens and players are trying to develop maps, or when looking for interesting places to settle.

Of course, coming back down was the same thing in reverse. I still had to shift into climb mode in order to make my way down, lest I take a very long and painful vertical drop. Still, I had to admit that climbing the ladders and just barely making it from ledge to ledge was a very nifty feeling – I actually did start to feel slightly light-headed as I stared up at each ledge.

I’m still trying to comprehend how the ladder makers were actually able to get the materials up there to build these, but I’m sure glad that they did.

2 thoughts on “Into Low Gear

  1. Hordern

    One of the little nuances of Wurm is that you take fall damage if dropping a substantial amount from one tile to the next. If the cliff is steep enough, and each bounce carries you more than a tile, you won’t actually take any damage. Hence base jumping is a viable tactic for descending the mountains of Wurm. You’re likely to take a few hits when you reach the bottom, and try to avoid ending up in a clump of wild animals, but otherwise it’s an entertaining (and much faster) route down 🙂


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