One More Thing

It seems that there are some folks that feel it’s hypocritical for me to play WoW again after I’ve been so vocal in the past regarding my disappointment in Cataclysm. I get that, and I knew that it would be perceived as such when I made my previous post. And yes, perhaps it is a bit hypocritical.

However, one thing is true:

Personal relationships with my husband and my friends will always, always come first for me.

Meaning, if I decide to resubscribe to a game that I’ve criticized in the past in order to play with my family and my friends, because I find playing with them fun, then that’s fine. My time with them matters more than the opinion of a random Twitter follower or blog reader. I love my Twitter-folk and readers, and I certainly want folks to continue reading! However if you don’t like my subject matter, it’s your choice to unsubscribe, just as it’s my choice to use my gametime in the way that I wish.

The past few months, my husband and I have been largely spending our gametime in separate games. But we prefer to play video games together. The old adage is that couples that game together stay together, and for us it’s true. It’s a common interest that we share, and we enjoy being able to play together. And if that means that we’ll be playing World of Warcraft because it’s the one game we can agree on, then so be it.

Likewise for my guildmates, most of whom I’ve run with for years now and whom I consider good friends. We keep in touch outside of the game, we send each other wedding photos, we know when people have babies and when family members die and when people are going through divorces. We’re there for each other when times get rough, and we have a darn good time playing games together. It just so happens that the game that everyone is in is WoW.

And ultimately, we’re talking about video games here. Not politics, religion, or social justice. It’s not a crime to play a game that you have issues with. If that were the case, then most of us wouldn’t be playing games at all because no game will ever be 100% exactly what we want. I’m still playing LotRO, still playing Guild Wars, still looking forward to Guild Wars 2, all with gusto and happiness because they all have strengths in areas that WoW is sorely lacking in.

So unfollow me if you must. I wish you well in whatever games you play, no hard feelings. 🙂

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