It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…

So E3 is over! I’ve stayed fairly quiet on E3 stuff because… well, not a ton of it held my attention this year. Turbine released a bunch of info on the Rise of Isengard, which is awesome, and my LotRO account is updated and ready to roll for the release this fall.

SW:TOR was out in full force, but that’s probably the one MMO that I really don’t have an interest in. I like Star Wars pretty decently; heck, I married a Star Wars fan, have seen all (and I do mean ALL) of the movies multiple times, and have been known to wield a lightsaber. But for some reason I just don’t see myself playing a Star Wars MMO. I don’t think it’s an IP that I could immerse myself into.

But then, I’ve been wrong about such things before. We’ll see how it looks closer to launch.

LotRO is going well. Paislea finally hit level 60 and is making her way through Lorien right now. I have to say that Lorien is an amazing zone, though perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been slogging through the dark maze of Moria for what seems like years has something to do with that too. It’s a beautiful and well-designed zone, with convenient travel points, a variety of scenery, and incredibly fun quests. My favorite quest so far has been giving drunken elves a smackdown for their overindulgence. I failed the quest twice because I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but once I figured it out, it was kind of fun to watch the elves make fools of themselves.

*ahem* Moving on.

The other really cool thing is that there are plenty of repeatable reputation quests and it doesn’t look like it’ll be too terribly difficult to max out my Galadhrim reputation. This is important because the Galadhrim rep counts towards the mount I want for Paislea. I also need to reach Kindred with Rivendell and Mirkwood to gain access to that mount.

Also, WEATHERSTOCK is this Saturday, June 18th on Landroval! I’ll be there cheering on my kin’s band, The Ingolemo Experience. Weatherstock runs from 4pm-8pm EST, with voting for the Free People’s Choice and the award ceremonies from 7pm-8pm. Take a look at the Weatherstock Info page for more details, including a detailed schedule. Also, The Ingolemo Experience will be performing as part of the pre-Weatherstock concert series this Friday night at 10:30 EST in the Weathertop area. Can’t wait! 😀

In other news, I have resubscribed to World of Warcraft.

I know, I know. I’ve been scathingly critical of WoW the past few times I’ve discussed it. I am still scathingly critical of it for the same reasons, that hasn’t changed a bit. However, yes, I’ll be playing it again, at least for a while.

About a week or so ago, my husband entertained the idea of going back to WoW. Now here’s the thing about him: he’s definitely a gamer. He’ll happily play Command & Conquer (his favorite series OF ALL TIME) or Starcraft or Halo or Call of Duty or whatever other big games come out, but when it comes to any non-WoW MMOs, he’ll always try them but they just don’t stick. He’ll tell you that he has the most fun with WoW, though when pressed to clarify why, he can’t put a finger on exactly why. I would say he’s not necessarily a MMO player, but specifically a WoW player. He has a stable full of level 80 characters and has all the professions across them. He also made a ton of gold at the start of Cataclysm due to his quirky and almost unhealthy obsession with mining, so resources aren’t a problem. Shortly after Cataclysm, he decided that he had “won” the game for all of his interests (he hates raiding as much as I do) and quit shortly after I did.

However, the itch returned and this time he wanted to do something different: He wanted to roll a completely new toon, and with no help from alts whatsoever, make it on his own. No gifted bags, no gifts of gold or mats to help with leveling professions or buying gear. He wanted to start completely fresh, with no cookie-cutter specs, no WoWhead, no mods, or any other things that would give him an advantage. He started playing a few days ago, and despite my jamming sound-blocking earphones on my head and listening to Daft Punk really, really loudly, I could still hear that music. I don’t know why, but the WoW soundtrack has conditioned an almost Pavlovian response with me. I hear it, and I get an overwhelming urge to play WoW. I probably associate it with shiny dings and bright colors and adrenaline and happy fun times.

Plus my WoW guild is having a blowout 5th anniversary party this weekend, and I really wanted to attend and see those guys and gals again, and I don’t really have any other subscription games going at the moment. So yeah… I resubscribed.

I don’t know how long this round will last. My previous stint with WoW only lasted about 3-4 months, so I’m thinking this one may be even shorter. I’ve decided to join my husband though on his quest to start over from scratch, so I’m playing a new Draenei Shaman on a new server, Wyrmrest Accord. Right now I don’t know anybody on that server, so it’ll be interesting to see how difficult (or perhaps easy, these days) it is to progress from the ground up.

Never let it be said that I didn’t give games a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th, or 5th, or…) chance.

2 thoughts on “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…

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  2. Fionnuala

    I leveled a Draenei Shaman to 70 back during Burning Crusade. I went healing spec and it was a blast. Everyone once in a while I get the urge to go back to WoW for a bit. It was and is a great game. But it doesn’t give me the things that LOTRO does. Arachas actually would much rather play WoW than LOTRO. He loves that game more than any other. He plays LOTRO with me because the whole point of gaming at this point in our lives is to have something to do together.


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